• Marvelous review, David! You continue to deliver great reviews/articles which make for a highly pleasurable read. I know I have made this clear on numerous occasions, but I really admire your writing.

    It’s brilliant to see this positive review contrasting the others which I have read. I adore Fitzgerald’s novel and I now have hope that this adaptation does it justice. Judging by that quote you have highlighted; they seem to have retained the deeper look at the negative qualities of wealth – something which I loved about the source material.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to your future works.

  • John Smith

    I must now go and see this in 3D having got other people’s opinions on it and deciding against going to see it on Saturday

  • TheHitchcockWhovian

    Hate to say it, David, but I just unrelentingly despised this film. It delivered an adaption more in the spirit of the lavish anti-hero than of Fitzgerald’s critique of the excess of the era. In addition this, none of the actors left any impressionism on me, as they were lost in Luhrmann’s admittedly lavish spectacle. But that’s just it – it’s all glamour and no substance. In the quieter moments, and when Luhrmann takes a step back from his giddy swirling tracking shots, it’s quite engaging…. but that’s only when the novel gets a chance to truly shine. I’m a massive fan of the book, but this is not the Great Gatsby. Gatsby becomes an enviable figure, in a way, and that’s just completely different to how his written in the novel – that of a tragic anti-hero, focused on luxury and wealth, at the expense of the beauty in the real world. Ironically, Baz falls into this very trap. It’s great-looking, but at the expense o all the subtleties of the source novel. Beyond the admittedly captivating opening, which finishes with a firework and Gatsby smiling directly to us, there’s no real place Luhrmann can go but down, no matter how many visual techniques he tries to impress us with, it’s all a bit hollow. Also… Jay-Z? Eugh.

    (Should point out; I’m certainly not being objective here… I’ve disliked every film Luhrmann’s made).