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The Following: 114-115 (Finale) Review – Cult Fix
  • Its finally over!

    I never watched The Following but I have a strong feeling that you didn’t like it, nor did the public, apparently – so today is a good day for you?

    • Oh, I sent in this final review beaming from ear to ear, I tell you. So glad it’s finished. It’s still valuable experience to have reviewed it, though, so it wasn’t all bad.

      I don’t think the more vocal watchers liked it, no, but it’s viewing figures have been fairly respectable throughout the run, so one can only assume it has plenty of fans who are content enough with it as it is. But, yes, a very good day.

      • I just realised.. what happened to The Politician’s Husband review?

        • It’s been sent in, and should be up later on. I lost track of the days and thought yesterday was when it was on.