• Nice review. It’s a shame that the series came to this, though. Hopefully you’ll be luckier with whatever you move onto next.

    • Cheers. It is a shame, but I’ve got Falling Skies not too far off (I think the third series arrives in June), and that’s a show I love.

      • I can’t wait for it to return! I’ve watched all the episodes now and subsequently read your reviews, which were all fantastic. Whilst you display a strong critical mind with these The Following reviews – it definitely makes for a more enjoyable read when you’re reviewing a good show.

        • Nor me. Series 1 was good, but Series 2 was a vast improvement in all areas. I can’t wait to see where the third series goes.

          I’m glad you enjoyed the reviews. That fills me with no small amount of pride, considering Falling Skies was the first thing I covered and in retrospect my reviews at the time seem somewhat rough around the edges to me. Thank you for the compliments. I agree that the Falling Skies reviews should make for comparatively better reading (and should be better to write). I don’t enjoy feeling compelled to be so negative on a weekly basis, despite it being entirely called for with The Following, and that doubtless comes through in the writing, as it does the other way around, I hope.

          I haven’t commented on your first Da Vinci’s Demons review (I’ve been meaning to), but I think you deserve congratulations for such a job well done. I know you’ve had an article on Doctor Who TV before, but for a first foray in to proper TV reviewing (and even this besides), it was tremendous. It was really well structured (the biggest struggle I’ve found in writing reviews), and wonderfully worded. I’ve been sceptical of this series since the first few trailers for it. I’m a big fan of the renaissance era of Italy’s history and in Da Vinci, in particular, so I found the ‘cool hero’ portrayal initially rather off-putting. But I might yet give it a chance. I’ll await your next few reviews to get a better overall impression and decide from there.

          • I am severely pleased to hear that you liked my review. The praise means a lot coming from such an established writer like you.

            Regarding Da Vinci’s Demons; it will probably appeal to you due to the era of the show, but judging by what you have said – Leonardo’s characterisation may irk you to an extent. It’s too early for me to give an official verdict on the show, but I just thought I’d let you know that Da Vinci is, for the most part, shown to be a ‘cool hero’.

          • It’s nothing, really. You deserve it (DWTV has so many talented writers lurking in the comments, it’s insane).

            Unfortunately, my love for the era didn’t make me look favourably on The Borgias (bad casting was at the root of my inability to enjoy that series), so I’m not sure it will for Da Vinci’s Demons either. Even less so, now that you’ve confirmed my suspected issues with the portrayal of Da Vinci himself. But as I said, I’ll keep reading your reviews and see how your overall appraisal of the series begins to take shape.

  • A very strong review James, you must be, in a way, glad The Following is over. I never watched it, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t. Well done, James!

    • Thanks very much! Well, I will be glad when it’s over in a week’s time, yeah. The penultimate episode aired tonight, and the finale will be on next week. I’ll be covering both episodes in a single review again, as it’s become a preferred format for me with the last four instalments.