• Missing Dr. Who and Angry PK-S

    I spy with my little eye something beginning ‘S’ …… oh, it’s gone.

    I think it was Season Two..

    • You’d think so, wouldn’t you? A second series has in fact been commissioned, though. Most viewers see The Following as acceptable entertainment, and will keep tuning in despite the shoddy quality of its writing.

      • Missing Dr. Who and Angry PK-S

        You learn something new every day.

        Will you be reviewing the second series?

        • Ha… no! Jamie has already said that he doesn’t want me reviewing a series if I’m really not enjoying it (as is the case with The Following), and he shares my thoughts on this one, so I’m pretty sure it won’t be being covered at all on Cultfix.

          • Missing Dr. Who and Angry PK-S

            Unless this the finale blasts you away with the outstanding acting talents of the leads and sheer complexity of the engrossing plot?

            How about… no.

            What will be the next series you review?

          • I can see that happening(!)

            Well, Falling Skies is returning in a couple of months, and I think I’ll be doing that again. I’m unsure when Misfits’ final series will be on (presumably around the same time it was airing last year), but I should also be covering that. As for any new series, I really don’t know at the moment. Hopefully something interesting comes my way!

            What about you? Have you any other programmes you might be reviewing sometime soon? I forgot you were going away the other day, and was checking in vain for your review of Broadchurch’s fifth episode last Tuesday. I kept refreshing Cultfix wondering where the hell it was, and then it dawned on me.

          • Missing Dr. Who and Angry PK-S

            I believe I’m doing Wizards vs. Aliens later this year but until then nothing unless something pops up.