• PK-S.

    I haven’t been following (I only noticed that pun after I typed it) the series but your reviews have indicated that it is a slow decline.

    Shame, Kevin Bacon’s EE adverts are the highlight of my moviegoing trips.

    • I’ve made a few unintentional puns with the word “following” when writing these reviews as well. It’s unavoidable. To be honest, slow decline is not how I’d describe it, more like rapid. The first episode was, and still is, a brilliant example of the genre and a fantastic pilot episode, but there’s been just one episode since, “The Poet’s Fire”, that’s got even remotely close to being as good. Everything that’s come afterwards has ranged from mediocre to downright terrible.

      Oh, I haven’t yet commented on either of your Broadchurch reviews, but well done, by the way. I’ve agreed with pretty much everything you’ve said – though I would have given E1 8/10 and E2 9/10.

  • Wow, what a particularly in-depth analysis. Though I think I’ll be avoiding this series because it sounds like it’s turned out pretty awful. It’s a shame having to write a negative review; Primeval has improved a lot over the last few weeks, and the reviews have been much more of a pleasure to write. I hope for your sake that the series improves for you!

    • Thanks, David. Unless you’re likely to be entertained by the sheer spectacle of its awful writing, I would indeed suggest staying away from The Following. It has become a bit dull having almost nothing good to say about any episode for the last few weeks; you’re right.