• Great review James. I had to look after that breathtaking article you wrote for DoctorWhoTV.

    But… I still don’t have a clue what this program is all about, or when it’s on. Any help?

    • Cheers, David. Means a lot.

      Well, the series is essentially about Joe Carroll, a former university lecturer and serial killer, who payed tribute to the works of Edgar Allen Poe through both his teachings and murders. He has been imprisoned since the end of the first episode and each episode follows the story surrounding his cult of followers, who are like-minded killers entrusted with acting out his wishes. Ryan Hardy is the FBI man who knows him best and is trying to stop him and his acolytes for personal and professional reasons. It started well, really well, but has since taken a bit of a dive. It’s still very entertaining, though, and well worth a watch.

      It’s on Sky Atlantic, Tuesdays at 10pm.

      Also, I’ve been regularly reading your Primeval reviews (I’ll be doing so with your latest one soon), and they’ve been brilliant. Top job!

      • I’d like to see them though I’m not usually there at that time. Maybe they’re on YouTube, I’ll have a look.

        Thank you very much. Glad to see people have taking a look. I don’t suppose you watch the series?

        • Yeah, I’m sure they will be somewhere online.

          I don’t watch it, no. It’s not really my type of series, but I still enjoy reading your reviews and will continue to do so.

          • Fair enough. Though I have to say, if Doctor Who’s your type of series, I’d imagine Primeval would be too – not the current one as it’s mainly about the character’s relationships and the dinosaurs, but the original ‘classic’ series was great, and very sci-fi orientated. You can find the first episode on YouTube, so if you ever get the chance, I’d recommend giving it a try, and seeing whether it takes your fancy.