• The Grodd reveal encapsulates exactly what I love about superhero TV at the moment – they’re becoming increasingly confident in utilising some of the more batshit insane elements of the comic books and just kind of owning all these weird things showing up. Flash in particular is embracing the craziness of his rogues’ gallery and running with it, hence the telepathic genius-gorilla living in the sewers.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    As exciting as having Mark Hamill in the show is, personally I can’t wait for Wells to ‘come out’ as Reverse Flash!

  • Deus Ex Machina

    If this show follows the patterns of its parent show at all (which it seems to), it looks like we’re about to head into the “all hell breaks loose” part of the series, which is always fun.

  • notsosmartguy

    Mark Hamill!!!!!!! I’m so happy he’s playing the OG Triskster.