• dfsfdv

    How does this even work? With this announcement they have managed to break down the walls of both the cinematic and TV universe. What the hell DC.

  • Gustaff

    I’m not into Supergirl since the quality has dropped for me, but I’ll still watch the episode just for Flash.
    I am curious though: This crossover seems to help Supergirl more than Flash. I know she has more viewers than the Flash. but that’s cause of the network. Her ratings have dropped almost have and it’s still going down whilst the Flash stays constant. It doesn’t feel like the Flash will benefit from this team-up. I hope CBS returns the favor and has Supergirl appear on Flash. That feels fair to me.

    I also heard the villains they’ll be going up against are Banshee and Livewire. Is that true or rumored?