• ShalkaDoctor

    Agree a lot with the review especial about Zoom losing his edge after being revealed as fake Jay. But Black Flash looks promising.

    I also was very mixed on the cliffhanger ending. I was expecting Barry to go back and save his dad not his mum. Especially after we just had a whole episode about him getting over her!

    I’m really curious though about where they take the show next though.

    • Mark McCullough

      Black Flash might actually be Barry himself if we consider the twist at the end of the episode. With The Runaway Dinosaur establishing that the speed force wanted Barry to get over his mother. Also with the twist of him saving his mother presumably Barry never lives with Joe and Iris and may not ever end up at Star Labs. Losing his support network and going against the speedforce could set him down a dangerous path very similar to what we have seen with Zoom already this season.

  • Mark McCullough

    Wonderful Review Louis, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your reviews each week and for the most part agree with what you have said. I have really loved this series and was calling it the best thing on TV right up until the finale which whilst still very enjoyable was a let down for me for two reasons:
    Zoom has been the highlight of the series, his sheer presence enough to crank the narrative up a notch. Perhaps he was more imposing before his identity was revealed, but what was lost there was more than made up for by the humanization of the character and the comparisons to Barry’s situation but going down a different path because of the lack of support and love. I’d go as far as saying that Zoom was a faultless villain, which is why I was particularly disappointed that his endgame didn’t really match up with what we had seen throughout the series. By going too big in scale they invalidated a lot of the competitiveness that characterized Hunter. To compound things further his sendoff was pretty bad and really didn’t do the character justice.
    The Twist I’m really not happy about it for the reasons you said and because of the impact it’s going to have on my favourite relationship in the show: Joe and Barry’s father son bound. If Barry’s mum and dad are still around in his childhood, I have to assume that this is now lost which is a real same.