• ShalkaDoctor

    Damn American breaks!

    This was better than I was expecting though I’d have preferred if this aired after this break with the Earth 2 two-parter closing the run here instead. With a gap for viewers as well it would have helped with the time passing they showed as Barry tries to get back to ‘normal’.

    As I said in previous reviews I didn’t want them to reveal Zoom, instead keeping him as an enigmatic force of evil, but it was inevitable. I’m not sure how I feel about this being another Jay. Will have to wait and see. Hopefully Zoom won’t lose his badass impact…

    But let’s try and get this straight because it’s getting a little complicated:

    Earth 1 Jay = Hunter Zolomon (guy we saw on bench)
    Earth 2 Jay was apparently playing them (according to comments from producer) but Zoom kills him anyway
    Iron Mask Guy = Another Jay Garrick from…?

    So who is Zoom? Any of them? Anyone help with these.

    • If they’re going with 3 Jays, which seems to be the most likely course (which seems a bit ridiculous to me, but we’ll see how that plays out), I’d imagine it’ll go like this, based on interviews:

      Earth-1 Jay/Hunter (the same person): Hunter Zolomon, bench guy – in cahoots with Zoom, swapping in for Jay when necessary. Presumably the Jay who was killed through the breach; probably the result of a snap double crossing by Zoom (a decision made on the fly, hence ‘this is a complication’), or an elaborate plan.
      Earth-2 Jay/Iron Mask: The real Flash of Earth-2 – a hero who was kidnapped by Zoom and had his identity stolen, with the iron mask preventing Barry from realising the fact that the ‘Jay’ they’ve been with is fake. Personality presumably much closer to Jay of the comics, but with his speed already having been stolen by Zoom.
      Earth-2 Hunter/Zoom: Identical to Earth-2 Jay (it could be twins); the real Zoom, and the person Team Flash have been mostly interacting with all along. As per the producer’s comment about Zoom being ‘Jay Garrick aka Hunter Zolomon’, Zoom isn’t really called Jay – he’s Hunter Zolomon, who stole the name of Jay Garrick in order to fool Team Flash.

      That plays out very similarly to season 1 with the ideas of stealing identities and there being a ‘real’, good version of the guy the villain is impersonating, but it’s the simplest I can think of if there are actually 3 Jays around. If there’s just two, and the Iron Mask is someone different, then I’d imagine that Earth-2 Jay and Hunter are one and the same.

      It’s all extremely confusing!