• https://twitter.com/Good_Year92 GoodYear92

    Couldn’t agree more. Brilliant review, Pat – one of your best, I think. Such a fluid read from top to bottom. Well done.

    I know I said I’d also offer my own thoughts on the episode, but A) I don’t need to; you’ve said all I could and more, and B) I’m in the middle of writing a film review that might be of interest to you when it’s finished. I don’t know if this movie is the sort of thing you’re in to, but I loved it.

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      Thank you so much, James. Coming form you it means the world, thank you!

      Is this film review out in cinemas at the moment? I’m desperate to know.

      • https://twitter.com/Good_Year92 GoodYear92

        Well, it needed saying! You’re entirely welcome, and thank you right back.

        The film is still in some cinemas, yes, but it first came out a while ago and has recently been released on DVD. Since I’m not one for surprises, I’ll tell you; it’s Django Unchained. I’m halfway through the review at the moment, but I’m not hurrying to get it done, so it’ll most likely be up tomorrow.