• This penetrative review made for a very delightful read, Pat. Your writing is, as always, top-notch and you’re a highly perceptive reviewer. I’m definitely pleased to see you back to reviewing!

    I have to admit – I haven’t heard of this series, but your praise for it has sparked an interest. I don’t think I’ll watch it online just yet, as I’d rather wait to see if your reviews continue to be positive, but I will watch it if it airs over here.

    • Thanks, Tyler – I really appreciate it.

      When you say over here, does that mean you’re American? Heh, the thing’s you didn’t know about people.

      • Worse. I live in an ominous realm where Doctor Who still hasn’t reached Series 7 and where Broadchurch has never graced the TV screens. I live in…. Norway!

        Although I am originally from England.

        • I have heard of this dark land…