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The Fades: Series 2? – Cult Fix
  • Dave

    Series 2, NOW!!!! The Fades is a brilliant program!!

    • Jared

      The whole series was refreshing, new and kept you watching like any series should do. me personally didnt really think the character of John played by (skins) Joe Dempsie was very good/beleivable. Im not saying he did anything to make me not watch it but i thought as characters go they could have cast it a lot better thats all.

      Great show fingers crossed for series 2

  • guest

    Hands up if you came here just after watching the finale!

  • There sooo has to be a second series – too many things left unanswered at the end of this one – why the hell was the sky turning red? was neil right? should paul not have messed with ascension? he got rid of the pilot fish – what’s coming behind them? I think the BBC are being coy about it and trying to stir up some hype on the web – it’s their biggest success since being human for my money – but I’m biased – I’ve absolutely LOVED The Fades – well done BBC!

    And yeah – lol – I came here just after watching the finale lol

  • Skrilla the Fade Killa

    I love this show!!! There should mos def be second series.  Been watching from America and think this is one of best new shows any country has put out in a min.  Came here right after I finished last ep because there has to be a second series or as we call them in the states season.  Really thought this show was original it really drew me in.  Every ep got better than the last.  Well done BBC plz bring it back.  Hats off to the creators. 

  • Got milk?

    Last nights ep was amazing they’ve struck off a load of really good shows on BBC three lets hope they give the fades a chance to get even better!

  • I really enjoyed the finale what a great show!

    The bbc really must bring it back for a second season or i wont be paying my licence fee next year!!

  • Gord

    Fantastic show – in the same way Skins, Misfits, etc were. Definitely worthy of a second series!!! Bring it on…..

  • Roblj2011


  •  I literally have no words… BUT TWO… FREAKING AMAZING

  • Mossy54

    I really enjoyed the series and it was an original idea.  You get so fed up of the same old cop shows. I loved Mac’s geeky character.  Please BBC3 give it a second series and put my licence fee to good use!

  • camilla19

    same here came here after watching the last episode, i am from erie pennsylvania, me and many of my friends love this show, it was amazing from the first episode till the finale, pleeeeeeeeease bring many more seasons!!! the actors and actresses were all amazing!

  • Hopefully this gets a second series. This one was amazing. The acting, the story and qaulity of the show was brilliant. Also this show was original, something you don’t see that much of these days ………………

  • CPFCJordan

    Just watched the final episode and I have to say ‘The Fades’ in my opinion is the best show since ‘Lost’ and I hope BBC3 sign a deal for another couple of seasons at least. I’m quite worried they won’t as all the good shows I end up coming acroos always get cancelled after the first series e.e. The Cape, No Ordinary Family, Camelot…. The list goes on and on, keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

    PS – If you’re reading my comment back I suggest that you go and watch those shows I’ve listed above :) You won’t be dissapointed.

    • L-A-P

      I do hope the BBC commision another series, it has been very enjoyable. Camelot was actually a good series although I didn’t think much of Campbell-Bower’s Arthur, the writing and setting was strong, it certainly deserved a further series.

      I suppose the biggest obstacle to a second run would be whether the BBC can afford it after the budget cuts, lets hope Doctor who confidential was axed for a reason, because there really isn’t much else on BBC3. Confidential was likeable but if I had a choice between a second series of The Fades and the continuation of confidential, it would definately be the former.

  • Louiseyy!!

    just watched the last episode and omg it blew my mind , they have to make a series 2 soo many questions unanswered shows like these make me love being British :D another amazing show BBC 3 keep em coming !!! 

  • Koopie

    This was an amazing show.  So new and fresh.  Well balanced with action and humour and the acting was amazing.  Definitely thought Daniel Kaluuya is a fantastic actor.  Well cast, well written….looking forward to what is in store next.

  • Mbr1994

    just bring back jay!

  • ReenaGD

    Absolutely amazing series, i just caught with all the missed episodes on iplayer today and have got to say I am now officially a big fan. Please please make another series, everything else on the telly is crap!! x

  • Nasha


  • David

    It was a fantastic series, I really hope they do a second

  • Chris

    really enjoyed the series and there absolutely must be a second.


    SERIES 2 BRING IT ON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • i cant think of a name

    i farted and blamed it on my dog. >.>

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      add me on runescape btw ‘cowboydevil’

    • i cant think of a name

      add me on runescape btw ‘cowboydevil’

  • there needs to be a second series! too many un answered questions!

  • S-angel

    there has to be a second series. This was british at its absoloute best. Great cast, superb acting,. loved it

  • Darkangelnatz

    I hope they do a second series.

  • guest

    I would really love to see a 2nd series. Absolutely loved watching every minute of it.

  • Dimitri

    Brazilians fans are also excited for a new series!

    • Abc

      Who cares where you come from? Everybody’s excited! :D

    • Darknewt

      ignore the comment below dimitri ele doida! Muito obrigado

  • Max

    So what?, any news of season 2??

  • Becci-hyde

    Series 2 PLEASE! Literally obsessed

  • PLEASE renew this series for another season!!! 

  • i came here just after watching the finale amazing show

  • The show must go on it is a awesome show and one of the best I have watched very creative amazing script brilliant acting stand applause for the team members of this show and Thank you thank you for bring such a treat for all of us around the world to enjoy

  • Matthew Thomason

    I stopped watching this show the second they killed Jay, and I won’t watch it again unless she’s brought back. That was a bad move on the writers’ parts as far as maintaining an audience base; fine for an artistic gesture, but bad for a recurring show.

    • Anonymous

      Jay’s death was a suprise but it didn’t stop me from watching it further. I don’t think she can be brought back from the dead since i take it she ascended like all the others at the end. That doesn’t mean its impossible, fantasy like the fades is flexible to write so the writers could bring her back, if there is another series.

      • There is apparently a delay before they become “fade” as the priest chick died and it took her awhile to come back. Or perhaps that was just the time it took her because of her inability to open doors. Either way that could be their loophole in bringing her back.

        • not only that, but fades don’t immediately ascend, it takes them a few hours/days to hit the point where they can. that’s when their chests glow, all the fades that were forcefully ascended had been dead for days, weeks, even years, which is the only reason they all ascended like that. 

          Jay won’t be headed anywhere for a bit, long as they pick up where they left off she’ll be around.

          • but why bring her back? if she comes back then niel may even be forgiven… then the series will suck. It should be hard and edgy, no fairytale show works better…and another point, what’s wrong leaving it at doom & gloom – not everything has happy endings :)

    • Anonymous

      Jay wasn’t really killed. She’s in my bedroom right now. lol ;)

  • Anonymous

    I heard about and watched this BBC series online, and I have to say it did not
    disappoint! I was completely sold after the first episode.

    The stories
    are fun & complex. Special effects are excellent and the cinematography is

    As an American that has lived overseas (Europe and Asia) for over
    10 years, I wasn’t too surprised about the differences in the US/British TV
    culture gaps, namely the sexuality, teen smoking / drug use and the way
    different races interact…but US audiences may find this series not as suitable
    for family viewing.

    If you’re a fan of Ghosts, Gouls, Zombies and the
    Supernatural, this series is sure to have something you’ll really enjoy!

  • Just watched the first season online and the show is great! The storyline and characters are put together very well. I actually accidentally stumbled across the show and glad I did. I’m upset they killed Jay but that’s one of those ” I didn’t see that coming” moments that TV and Movies lack now a days. Hope they bring The Fades and Jay back for a 2nd + seasons but we will see.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Just finished series 1 and OMG, I hope they give us more!!!

  • Every now and then the Brits hit the nail on the head on a series. This is one they did. This is a great series, quirky.. but well done! Hope to see another season of 6 more shows to finish this one…

  • waplay59

    Really, bbc just can’t leave us hanging. The show out does any show my family has seen. BBC PLEASE HAVE A HEART BRING IT BACK………… Christopher

  • Really hope they bring this one back. Great telly. I think the Brits have always got the supernatural stuff down.

  • Unfortunately, this may end up another Firefly… Awesome show with a huge cult following… they make do a finale movie at some point if we’re lucky, but sadly I don’t think it’s coming back. Such a shame. It was an absolute pleasure seeing something original for a change instead of all of the crappy cheesy shows and ‘reality’ shows. urgh… Why does everything that is good have to be killed off?

    • lp229

      It is a shame. In few dramas of a similar fashion do you have characters that were so realistically written. As a teenager I know many personalities like Mack who love to make film references, and of course sexuality is always in the background. I continue to think it was a mistake of the BBC to axe this programme. When I look at the schedules of BBC 3 it is rarely that I see anything like this show of real value, most of it is cheap reality TV, if not repeats. 

  • bring it back please

  •  the fades was planned for 3 seasons….MAKE DA BLOODY THREE SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    The Finale series 1 has just aired in Australia… how can you let this show die for “being human”… you must be alien.