• lp229

    Its such a shame, it had so much promise as a series.Whats so frustrating is that there is a lot of junk on BBC 3 and yet they decide to cut one of most brilliant pieces of original television in ages. If its so popular why can’t the BBC enter a joint funding agreement with another channel like ITV did with Primeval?

  • Being Human has had 4 series, they should have gave the Fades a chance.

    • lp229

      I don’t watch Being Human, but its had a fair run and it will only be a matter of time before it comes to an end. The BBC will then be looking for alternative dramas to take its place. The decision to cut the Fades doesn’t seem like such a good idea since it would have been a better investment in the long-run.

  • since they are cutting back.. they should have just cut being human… since they killed off the last org.. cast member.its dead….i know i wont be watching anymore…  and gave the fades a chance.. that was a great show..

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  • Delorus Burton

    The fades was amazingly good, I agree that they could have let being human go instead. I am so sad that we won’t find out more about these characters….