•  Has anybody ever noticed that NBC has a habit for cancelling every good show. The Event, V, Knight Rider and I’m sure many more. They were even going to do Wonder Woman but they cancelled that…

    • Gregson

       Yeah well basically if you like sci-fi shows, expect them to get cancelled. it sucks.

      • Anonymous

        The Firefly curse strikes again. (with V, I mean.) 

  • Gethin1979

    I’m sorry but they can’t end it like that. Why don’t they give it one more series or a TV movie to wrap things up? I mean over 30 countries bought the programme so the they have  made a profit. A tv movie would be nice to wrap things up. 

  • Jammy

    I don’t watch the show so, to be honest it doesn’t really affect me… :D 

    • Gregson

       Well why are you even commenting then?

      • Jammie

         I have absolutely no idea… probably because I like jammie dodgers…

  • Anonymous


  • Pdurston

    This is getting ridiculous now. First it was Heroes, then Flashforward (I’m a UK audience), and now this, its getting beyond a joke. I have been watching The Event since it began on Channel 4, and then it stopped, then resumed in Spring, and now they show at such a late time (12:00PM late) that no one can stay up to watch it. This is what’s happening, these shows are not in primetime slots, and these bledy mid – series breaks don’t help to this ongoing situation. And yet again, when the first series usually or unexpectedly gets axed, there are still more ideas or plans that can be conveyed in the next series, but don’t because of the cancellations!!! So then, were left wanting more! How long can this go on before there’s nothing decent on to commit spare tv time too? As of late, Doctor Who will have to resume in Autumn, of which I will then need to recap on what happened before. Sort these strategies so as we can feel that are ritualistic dedication doesn’t go undone!!!

    • Fiona Corfield

      Spot on, it’s pointless and nobody will buy in to these types of shows soon

  • angel

    i love both these shows i have to sky+ the event now being shown at 12pm why cancel just show at a reasonable hour and people will start watching again. im goin to email channel 4 now and ask what the hell is going on. it was on the internet that the goverment funded both these shows??why? there is if you have noticed a lot of alien films 16 just this year and artists singing about aliens gaga and katy perry at the minute.mmm

  • mike

    i feel cheated 

  • Collsoul

    This is ridiculous. Such a good movies (both V and TE) they just simply axed it :-(

  • Pdurston

    The Event’s a bledy good show, better than the any other crap that is beamed out there to dumb down the masses. Its intelligent, free thinking and uses its initiative too.

    Ashamed is the word right now. 

    • mef

      To much thinking for your average US viewer.

      • Anonymous

        Well, just goes to show really doesn’t it?

  • Seanysean123

     I love watching V. Why??????

  • Willsg23

    Can’t believe they have cancelled The Event, they kept messing around with the timings, putting it on late at night!! What is it with Americans, perhaps they just want to have rubbish such as reality shows instead of something that actually makes you use your brain!!! So disappointed!!

  • Willsg23

    Can’t believe they have cancelled The Event, they kept messing around with the timings, putting it on late at night!! What is it with Americans, perhaps they just want to have rubbish such as reality shows instead of something that actually makes you use your brain!!! So disappointed!!

  • Feebee

    Livid about the Event and V being cancelled (after Flashforward went).  If I didn’t have Sky+ would probably not have managed to keep with Event as time changed each week – eventually ending up somewhere in the middle of the night.  Wish the US networks would stop these “gaps” in the shows as well.  Hopefully Event will be picked up (as some sites say) as to end on this is appalling (V as well).

  • Anonymous

    Just watched the finale of The Event, come on line to see when the new series will be on and I find this!! Gutted! And V!! Obviously American viewers can only cope with mundane been there done that story lines and poor acting that you find on most of their programmes. And putting the programme on random ridiculous times wont bring in the viewers. The Event was a great never done before (that I know of) story line, clearly with more to come, good acting (often rare) and decent special effects (watch anything on the free movie channels on sky & there’s no comparison) I agree with Gethin1979 that a  TV movie for both series should be done to round it off, it’s the least they can do for the fans that been sucked in by decent scifi drama.

  • P T

    Pants, pants & more pants. I loved the event always watched on 4od. What now? More repeats of Friends or Sex in the City. Just cater for the boring brainless mass’s. Why can’t a UK channel pick this up, go on Channel 4 you don’t mind taking a risk. Can’t you see That the UK fans just love The Event & we do not deserve to be left this way. Boo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mmmem

      omg i am gutted, just jumped out of the bath to have  a well deserved glass of wine after a mega hard day and watch my fav prog on record and its not there.  so bombed it upstairs and find this! PLEASE someone make this come back – i love it. mel

  • Jeanmcleod29

    I am gutted v has been cancelled, this has been brill and it was the one show i made sure i didn’t miss total crap

  • Anonymous

    V was rubbish but it had potential so I watched until the bitter end. Unfortunately the writers squandered that potential. At the end the humans were so stupid I couldn’t care that Anna had won. This new project Ares that was supposed to solve everything – what about Eli Cohen’s resistance? Remember that Writers? We got some weird internet chat when they killed off Eli (why?) and then we never heard from his network again. I suspect the same thing would have happened with project Ares. After one season we should have seen more of the resistance even if they only mentioned the other cells in passing because they couldn’t afford to show resistance member of the week. Basically all we saw of the resistance was those four idiots in a basement.

    The resistance was completely farcical. Why didn’t they expose the Visitors true form via youtube, viral emails, posters etc – the visitors are lying to you. Why didn’t they just kill Anna? Erica had more than enough chances. The writers were constantly trying to be too clever and ended up falling on their arses. I’m not surprised it lost viewers and the network cancelled it.

  • CP

    I understand the reasons why they cancel some series but I hate it as it
    always seems to be the ones I tend to like. Heroes, The Event, No Ordinary
    Family and V have all fallen by the wayside but at least we still have
    Supernatural although I am not sure how much longer they can string it out. For
    goodness sake won’t someone please finance a small company that will sponsor
    Si-Fi shows that have a core following and not worry about having huge viewing
    figures that only seem to take the US into account? The people who make these
    decisions are only thinking revenue and not entertainment. There must be a way
    to complain about this direct to them so if someone knows how then share it with
    the rest of us please.