• What… what was the point? We already know it’s being made, so it’s not much of an announcement. It didn’t tease anything other than that it’s being made and Ultron, which we already knew about, so… yeah, what was the point of this?

    • ThePowerofNine

      It looked a bit like Iron Man at the start, which could mean that one of Tony Stark’s suit allows ‘Ultron’ to become existent?

      • Yeah, there’s something about that in the comics. Jarvis gets corrupted or something.

        • ThePowerofNine

          I quite like the idea of JARVIS becoming Ultron :-P It would fit with the Iron Man 3 storyline, I suppose

    • EmpathDigital

      The point was when this was actually released (at Comic-Con earlier in the year), we didn’t know about Ultron being involved. This was the video that revealed the title back in July, it’s just taken a while to be released onto the internet, which wasn’t its original purpose.

  • Look, I know I learnt nothing from this trailer, but that didn’t stop me getting childishly over-excited at the Avengers franchise once more

  • ThePowerofNine

    Was that Ultron’s helmet? The one that will be used in the actual film?

    Either way, even if it didn’t show off much, damn that was awesome. Especially those screams at the end… :-O

  • Stevie


  • All I’m getting is a “this video is private” message, when I try to play it.

  • Steve Willis

    Apparently Disney claimed copyright so I cannot see it. I didn’t know Disney did Marvel.