• Gustaff

    Completely blows Super-Batman out of the water. MARVEL pwns DC

    • Stevie

      I disagree. For me, a Superman and Batman movie still is more interesting, as we’ve had the Avengers before… but we’ve never had Superman and Batman in the same movie before!
      Nonetheless, I’m a big fan of both, and if I’m honest, it’s not the fact that Ultron is in it that’s exciting me… it’s the fact that my favourite comic book characters are going to be joining the Avengers! Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver! I cannot wait to see them on screen!

      • Gustaff

        Is that confirmed: Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver? Where’d you hear that? Ultron isn’t very appealing to me either, but The Avengers was arguably the best movie I’ve ever seen, but I was hoping for the Wasp and Black Panther to show up. PS: Witch is the one that manupilates probability right?

        • Stevie

          Joss Whedon has confirmed it, & talked about them a lot. There’s also a rumour Aaron Johnson would play Quicksilver, and in an interview he hinted he’s actually got the role.
          And yes, she manipulates probability to her advantage and also has chaos powers. She can bend reality to how she wants it. Joss made out they’d be giving the Avengers a hard time..

  • Calex

    Who’s Ultron?

    • Pdurston

      My dear Calex, Google is your friend. ;)


    • The Administrator is Gandalf

      A robotic AI built by Hank Pym that has nothing but hate for his “father”. He has proven to be a dangerous foe for the Marvel Heroes. In a recent storyline he managed to conquer the world in an alternate future.

  • Nick Ferrazza

    I’d been hoping that Ultron would be the villain in Avengers 3 as I was expecting Thanos to b the villain for this one. I wonder what’s happening with that? Still, Ultron is awesome and where he is, Ant-Man is sure to follow. I’m sure now that they’ll have Dr. Pym in the movie, but whether or not he becomes Ant-Man now or in his upcoming solo outing we’ll have to wait and see.