• LGwalchmai95

    This episode was pretty awesome one the whole. I do agree that the end scene with Jaha and A.L.I.E didn’t fit the episode, I think it should have ended on him discovering the mansion, or ended with Murphy watching the guy kill himself or when Clarke left. It was brilliantly horrible seeing the tortures Clarke was going through inside, she was so desperate this entire episode, and it was brilliant. The scene where she and Bellamy irradiate Mount Weather is superbly done, as it was a horrible thing to do, but had to be done to save their people. That scene portrayed one of the main reasons that I love Bellamy; he was trying to convince Clarke to find another way and din’t want them to go through with, but as soon as he saw Octavia was in trouble, he didn’t blink. His relationship with his sister is one of the hearts of this show, and his desire to protect her no matter what is beautiful. You could tell in that moment when he saw Octavia and Maya get surrounded in the mess hall he didn’t see Octavia as she is now, he saw that tiny baby he held in his arms when she was born, vowing to never let anything bad happen to her, and his love for his sister is one of the main things I love about him. It drives him and gives him the strength to do some heartbreaking things, but he always does it for the right reason.

    The scenes in the dorm were absolutely horrible! Hearing everyone’s screams as they were on the table being drilled was traumatising, poor Raven’s been through the mill this series! The standoff conversations between Clarke and Cage were brilliant, showing how both characters were really in the same position, it’s just all about perspective. As Abby said, “maybe there are no good guys” and she’s right, but there’s also no inherently bad guys either, this is such a morally grey show, and I love it. Everyone only wants to do what they believe to be the right thing, and all have the best intentions for their own people at heart. I’m going to miss Cage, I really liked the character personally, Johnny Whitworth is a top actor, and will be a loss I think. Though it was nice to see Lincoln overcome his addiction and get his revenge.

    Poor Maya, we all knew it was coming, but it was still sad seeing her die. I’ve never been a big fan of Jasper, so it’s going to be annoying to see him being bitter about them irradiating the place, because he thought killing Cage would stop it all. Such a stupid plan, by the way, nevermind the fact that he wasn’t getting anywhere near Cage, as he had two armed guards in his way pointing guns at his, so yeah, but also, would they really stop just because Cage is dead? They’d already got bone marrow anyway, why would they stop? Ugh, can’t stand Jasper and his stupid plan, my only qualm with this episode to be honest.

    Miller and his Dad were reunited! Not gonna lie, I was so happy when that happened, you know I love Miller! I got what I really wanted from this episode! XD

    The end scene with Clarke and Bellamy was my favourite scene of the episode, and one of my favourite scenes from the whole show. It was superbly acted by Bob and Eliza, for a start, but it shows how far those two have come since episode one. I love their dynamic, I’m not really a “Bellarke” shipper, as I love their friendship and mutual trust and respect that they’ve slowly build, and they’ve grown to care for each other so much, I don’t think they need to make it romantic, at least not any time soon I think. But you could just see how much what they’d done was affecting Clarke, and she really needs to just get away for a bit, it’s a totally understandable move. She needs that time on her own, with no pressure and no one to look after but herself. She doesn’t have anyone to worry about now, no one that is relying on her to keep them alive, and she really needs that. She’s only 19, she’s been through so much it’s no surprise she needs a bit of solitude to get her head straight. I kind of hope she runs into Emerson though! I did think for a second that Bellamy was going to go with her, but it makes sense for her to go alone, and I look forward to seeing what they do with her next series. Her development over series 2 has been outstanding, and she’s one of, if not number one favourite character on TV right now. She’s so well rounded, developed and fleshed out. She’s done some morally grey stuff but has only ever had good intentions, which is what keeps her likable. She’s badass, and it’s been great to see her try to turn into a leader, and be like Lexa and Dante, but she’s best when she’s herself. I like how she’s not perfect either, like at the start of the episode when she finds Octavia and catches up with Bellamy and co.; she has zero ideas on what to do in that scene, she’s just so desperate. And it’s the fact that she’s not perfect is what keeps her grounded and makes her feel like a real character you can relate to and put yourself in her shoes. I love Clarke, she’s amazing!

    There’s still loads more I could talk about, but I’d have to write loads more aha! I can’t believe the series is over, it’s been amazing! I can’t wait for series 3! I look forward to seeing where they go with the whole artificial intelligence thing, and how the world ended, and what the A.I is going to do with Jaha and the missile; my guess is that he’ll be held prisoner in that mansion now. I hope we see Lexa again, and I’m excited to see where they take the main guys; Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia etc… Great review as usual, and great work all series, it’s been a pleasure reading your thoughts on the series. I look forward to seeing what you think of Series 3. I’m going to miss The 100 though, it’s my favourite show; I love it so much, so excited for when it comes back! Roll on the Series 3! :)