• LGwalchmai95

    Nice article. Eliza Taylor has been pretty brilliant this series, she’s definitely going places. The only thing that really bugged me with this episode is that why would the grounder who killed the guard so Raven and Wick could get through, leave? Where did he go? Raven and Wick blowing the things was integral to bringing down Mount Weather, and they left them on their own, that seems illogical. Surely they could spare about 5 Grounders to cover them in case Mount Weather guards show up?

    This episode showed why Lincoln has, on the quiet, developed into one of my favourite characters on this show. Ricky Whittle has been terrific this series. From him being literally the only one not chanting blood must have blood, to him constantly having Clarke’s back, to him desperately wan to stay and help the get the Ark’s people back when the Grounders were leaving, even going as far as fighting with other Grounders to do so. In such a morally ambiguous show, I love Lincoln, as he’s probably the most straightforward morally. He knows what’s right and wrong, and he’s not afraid to fight for what he believes in. He’s arguably the most interesting character on the show, and I fully expect to see him back next week in some capacity.

    Lexa’s decision is a bit of a weird one, as it makes sense, yet it doesn’t. It makes sense because their alliance will hold and it stops the bloodshed (for now anyway, they’d probably start fighting again if Mount Weather ever gets on the ground), and they have their people back without losing many in a big war. But at the same time, is this not the same commander and people who were only 40 (our time) previously chanting that blood must have blood? Are these not the same people who were on the verge of brutally killing Finn because he killed 18 grounders? The Mountain Men have killed god knows how many of their people, and they’re letting them get away with it. Both have their reasons for killing them; Finn killed those Grounders because he was suffering psychologically, wanting to find everyone, and panicking because he thought they were going to kill him. And Mount Weather have killed, tortured and turned into cannibal, drug addicted reapers however many of their people, all to survive and get on the ground. It all just seems hypocritical. If they had stuck to the plan they would have got their people back and taken down Mount Weather for good. There are definitely two sides to this truce coin.

    I really want to see more from Miller next series, the guy is just gold whenever he’s on screen! Like when he killed the guard, Bellamy asks how he’s doing, and he’s like “Better than him” XD His sass is wonderful, and he’s a bit of a badass too, so I hope he’s more involved next series. It was a shame about Maya’s dad, he was sound, and I suspect Maya may meet a similar fate, I can’t see her surviving this finale. I also want to see that grounder Bellamy formed a connection with again. It’d be great to see Bellamy with a Grounder, and would bring his apathy towards them full circle.

    I have to disagree with you calling Cage generic. I think he’s a very similar character to the likes of Jaha and Kane on the Ark. Yes, what he’s doing is horrible in every sense of the word, but it’s no worse than tossing people out of airlocks to save yourself. He’s not different to Lexa and Clarke either. They’ve both done horrible things, but, at the end of the day, put their people first, and that’s exactly what Cage is doing. Underneath all this he doesn’t seem like an actually evil guy, he’s just put his people first and just wants to survive like everyone else. His actions will always be horrible, but it’s so hard for anyone to just accept their fate, roll over and wait for death inside a sealed mountain, you’d always want a way out. As Bellamy said; “Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things.” and that quote sums up this show beautifully.

    I did have a feeling they’d pull the rug from underneath us, I think I said so in another review, and they definitely did. It was a shame though, as The 100 always does a great job with the massive fight scenes. I think Clarke will take down Mount Weather next week, and I’m so looking forward to it! I knew once I started writing I would do loads! There’s still so much more I could talk about, but I’ll sop now. I could write about this show all day; there’s so much to talk about! Especially in this episode, you can talk about all what happens on the surface, and then there is so much more things to talk about in what it all means. I bloody love this show!

    • Owen Bush

      Yeah, I did notice that Wick and Raven had such little support, but at the same time, I guess they didn’t think they’d need it with it being a job that was meant to be relatively straight-forward, but for me, the highs of the episode outweigh that, a minor plot error can go by as there’s so much more important on-goings the writers have to discuss, but I do agree.

      Lincoln is a character that has been noticeable for his moral rights, however, it’s hard to notice him sometimes when there’s so much going on, his plot earlier in the season seems so small going back, and I desperately hope his character has something a little more strong in Season 3, as I’m sure he’s going to back it due to his character’s multi-personality, he’s got a lot more coming, I’m sure.

      With Lexa, next week will really decide whether I think the decision was understandable or not, I’m sure Lexa will be back next week, and I think she’s got something hidden under, or at-least I sure hope so, else, you’re definitely right, her morals are a little inconsistent. Especially as she’s so keen on the ‘Blood Must Have Blood’ situation, I’m not sure, I don’t think she’s done, honestly, I think next week will show she really cares about Clarke (I hope so..)

      Miller is funny, although I’m not sure he’ll make it, for such a minor character, they always seem in the death-zone, it would be interesting to see him continue but I doubt his plot will be developed much yet if he does survive, as Mount Weather was such a core for this season.

      I’m not sure with Cage, sometimes I see the ruthless leader only doing things that would help his people, but other times it just seems a little pantomimey, generic and wild. For example, if he only cared about his people, surely he would have known that using The 47 would have only caused more rioting, as Dante suggested. I’m sure they could have found another way, it all seems a little rushed and chaotic, but sometimes I do see the leader trying to do his best, so I do see what you mean.

      I sure hope Clarke punches her way through Mount Weather, whatever the cost, and I’m sure she will. I bloody love it too, it’s a shame it doesn’t get the figures it deserves in the US, the show should be raging with popularity by now! Roll on next week!

      • LGwalchmai95

        The Raven/Wick thing is something that I can look past, it just seems a little bit sloppy on Clarke and Lexa’s part, I hope Miller survives, I think he will, we need to see him reunited with his poor Dad! I also thought it was interesting that we didn’t see any of Jaha and Murphy’s situation with the whole City of Light thing. That should be interesting next week. But it just shows you how much got done this episode where that plot thread got no screen time at all.

        I did hear that the show doesn’t get that high ratings in the US, which is a tragic shame. I’m not sure what the figures are like on E4, do you know? This show is tragically underrated, it has so many layers to its characters and explores so many interesting themes. It definitely needs tons more recognition, or at least enough so that it gets renewed after series 3, I need it to stay aha! Yes roll on next week for the last one! It’ll be a shame when the series ends, I’ve enjoyed commenting on these reviews. :)

        • Owen Bush

          Yeah, I see what you mean. I had a feeling they’d not show any Jaha/Murphy stuff yet, probably will have a glimpse next week (possibly the cliffhanger?) that pushes the story into Season 3.

          It’s not extremely low, just not as high as it should be. Season 2 dropped a ton from Season 1, and the fandom were very close to thinking Season 3 would be impossible, luckily the CW picked it up, possibly because of it’s media success, but it would be nice to know the show was doing well enough for us not to worry. It’s doing very well on E4, it started very highly, figures have been quite solid, it’s currently the second highest show on E4, which is very good. :) Aw thank you, I’ve enjoyed YOU commenting. It’s always nice to know people are reading, so thanks a lot. Hopefully we can gather a few more before Season 3 airs (whenever it does, that is..) :P

          • LGwalchmai95

            That’s good to hear about the UK ratings. Yes, it’d be nice to have more people commenting, more opinions and all that. As long as the show keeps going, I’m happy though. It has a terrific cast, quite a few Ausralian actors doing american accents, too. Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor are both brilliant.

          • Owen Bush

            Yes! I noticed that through interviews, it’s great! I just wish Season 3 would air during the same time in the US, having to keep away from spoilers has been tiresome..

          • LGwalchmai95

            Yeah that’s the only real drawback. It’s not the easiest thing to avoid spoilers these days with how things get posted seemingly anywhere these days. It’s annoying have to avoid all pages to do with the show on Facebook and Twitter until it’s done here. It’s worth it though, I hate spoilers! I had Finn’s death spoiled for me, which was annoying. I think they’re doing to film it in the summer and then the US will get it around October time, so I think we’ll probably get it over here in like November if we’re lucky. Hope I’m wrong though. It would be nice to get it at a similar time, like the US does with Doctor Who, but I suppose it’s not that big a show at this time. That’s why I’m grateful for you doing these reviews, as all the other one’s I read are in line with when it airs in America!