• Mark M

    I haven’t read your review yet. Sorry :P But I will soon. I’ve literally just finished the first series of The 100 on Netflix and absolutely loved it. Sadly I have no idea where to see Series 2 so can’t read your review until I do.

    • ShalkaDoctor

      You can watch it online (legally) at E4 – channel4[dot]com/programmes/the-100/on-demand/59785-001

  • LGwalchmai95

    This episode was awesome! Octavia was great with the Grounders, and he killing that Reaper was awesome. That whole sequence was well done. I loved the whole Clarke and Anya stuff; when those bodies were piled on them was horrible! I hope Lincoln survives and gets out; that program isn’t going to be pretty I’m guessing though! Top review again :)