• LGwalchmai95

    Clarke is definitely my favourite character, closely followed by Jaha and Bellamy. She’s just brilliant, so well layered, developed and is a very strong character. Isiah Washington is a truly brilliant actor, and outdoes himself every week, he was superb here. It was so nice to see Wells again, I miss Wells! His death was a big turning point in the series, and a massive moment, but it was a shame to get rid of such a great character. I like that Jaha landed somewhere else, it adds another layer, plus he’s seemingly forever alone now! Looking forward to some badass Clarke and Anya scenes, if any two people could break out of Mount Weather, it’s those two! I think we’re going to have a Grounder/Ark alliance, and I think the Mountain Men are the real enemies, along with the Reapers. Looking forward to next week, I’m tempted to wait until the series finishes and just record the episodes; so I can just binge watch the entire series! I’d never be able to do it though, I’m struggling to wait a week never mind like 11 aha! Top review, I look forward to the next one. :)