• Time Vortex

    If They Destroy this Trilogy i will Terminate them all. Some of the new films Destroys the older films with to much fantasy and effects.

  • Pdurston

    Why is there a need to reboot everything these days? Wouldn’t it have been better to pick up from where Salvation left off? Why wipe the slate clean when there’s potential for more of the future to be explored? It doesn’t make sense.

    I don’t think this will ever come as close to the original, but I may be wrong. It’ll be very hard to live up to it.

  • YellowEternal

    To be fair, this is probably one of the few film franchises that justify a reboot. For me the genius in the concept of terminator was that judgement day was a menace that would occur sometime in the future, making the whole thing seem like a realistic. threat. That was ruined by rise of the machines in 2003, when judgement day actually occurred, completely removing the correlation with the real world.
    What’s more, technology has come a long way since the genesis of the series, allowing for many new and interesting possibilities. Nowadays the terminator could use twitter to track down a target!

  • Who Fan No.565

    Frankly i think the terminator series should have ended at judgment day.