• PK-S

    Right, Doctor Who, Terminator fans, get your puns and YouTube crossovers ready.. on your marks, get set, go!

  • Gustaff

    Wow! This is freaking huge. Doctor Who and now Terminator? I
    was kinda against the reboot, but not anymore. No way! Trilogy? Talk about
    hitting the Hollywood jackpot! If he’s playing a Skynet robot, give him the Mr.
    Clever makeup!


    I knew you’d be (Arnie voice) back…

  • TheTimeTraveller is the Tardis

    OMG this is exciting :D :D Well done Matt..One of my favourite films ever :D

  • TardisBoy

    Wooooooo!!!! GO MATT!!! :D I’m so proud of him! This is huge news, hopefully this is just the beginning of his Hollywood career!!! :D

  • Yay! Congrats, Matt, I knew you had a bright future ahead of you!

  • Epicduda

    Arnold: I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.
    Matt: Have a Tardis instead!
    Arnold for next Doctor after Capaldi!

  • The Twelfth Finn

    I can just see the YouTube videos…. Congratz Matt!

    • Ghoul

      Soon there is a video titled: Matt and Arnold scene.

  • Sherlocked

    “ExTERMINATE” (oh dear).

  • The Oncoming Hurricane

    That is an insane cast right there. Wow.

  • Rahman s

    Matt Smith as a Terminator. I need your clothes,Your fez and Your bow tie.

  • *Dies*… Nothing more, just… *Dies*


  • Joel Mole

    Smith: I’ll be back

  • NewWho2012

    Oh wow this sounds great! I’ll definitely be watching this then. As it says major role then I hope he is cast as the evil cyborg or whatever that Arnold Schwarzenegger usually defeats, would be great fun, even the picture above suits it.

  • Liana

    Great news for Matt, and you can bet that I’ll be there viewing the movies.

    • Ghoul

      Why do you think I watched The Hobbit? Because McCoy is in there.

      • Liana

        I watvhed the Hobbit for McCoy too, he’s the best of the movie

        • Ghoul

          It’s also funny, because Gandalf is the voice of the Great Intelligence.

  • Ghoul

    Matt Smith, in a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. OH MY GOD!

  • Mr Clever Martti

    Awesome news! Arnold and Matt in same movie YEAH!

  • notsosmartguy

    Nice. I have a reason to see a terminator movie.

  • shyx111

    Great news!! :D :D

  • Michael W. Distefano

    Can you imagine? Mr. Clever playing opposite the Terminator. Seriously, just imagine that dynamic for a second.

  • aztecs_daleks_and_cavemen

    Yeah, he’s doing stuff. Check out the short film he directed ‘Cargese’

  • Will

    I am actually overjoyed to hear how Karen, Arthur and Matt are all doing so well! It’s indescribable how elated I am for them! I just knew they all had a bright future ahead of them, but I never quite expected how sudden their rise to worldwide fame would be!
    Matt – I wish him the best of luck – will be the stand-out role in the entire movie (I’m calling it) and I simply cannot wait for him to make his first appearance in a debut!
    I wasn’t looking forward to the new Terminator trilogy… but now (without a question of a doubt) I certainly am!

  • The Catterson

    WOO! THAT’S MY BOY. I knew something big would happen to Matt and now, you are in TERMINATOR MAN…OH MY…

  • Chronos

    He will sonic everything in his path :D

  • Sweet. Glad to see his talent has been recognised over seas in the land called Hollywood. I’m really happy for him getting such a big role especially with it being a part of a massive franchise such as Terminator. You go Smith :D

  • Well done Matt!

  • Joe Cassara

    Every geek is going wild over Matt Smith being cast in the Terminator reboot, like it’s some kind of Doctor Who/Terminator crossover. Jesus. Get a grip, nerds.


      So what if they are, they are are happy to see one of the past Doctor Who actors in something besides Doctor Who. If there are people out there who are excited about that, well why shouldn’t they be?…nerd

      • Dalekbuster523

        Agreed,although David Tennant would be a better choice for a movie role because he is a better actor. Matt Smith is a great actor too,though.

        • Lady Romanadvoratrelundar

          David Tennant could have gotten movie roles if he wanted, but he never pursued them. He seems quite happy staying in the UK and doing Broadchurch.

    • Basically Just a Snow Queen

      1. Every geek? No. Your generalizing that all geeks/nerds are Doctor Who fans.
      2. I haven’t seen anything acting as if it were a Doctor Who/Terminator crossover.
      3. Wait, so everyone who likes ‘Who’ is a nerd? *Facepalm*

    • ShalkaDoctor

      So you’re wasting your time on a “nerd” site telling people they are “nerds”? A delicious piece of irony.

    • Lady Romanadvoratrelundar

      As Whovians, we care about our own. Matt Smith wanted to be a Hollywood star after he left Doctor Who, it makes us happy that his dream is coming true. Problem?

  • teddybowties


    • Basically Just a Snow Queen

      I’m Atheist. :P

  • RoweMatthew

    He’s playing john connor’s grandad I think

  • pearls994ever

    Holy Mackerel! This is a stellar cast!

  • This looks intresting…