• Christoph The Sky Sorcerer

    I am SO glad to hear this. I was hoping for a spoiler-free review, so I can get some assurance about the movie being good before shutting myself off from the Internet until I can go see it. Also, wow: a villain who beats out good old DV? This I HAVE to witness first-hand.

  • Saw this yesterday and couldn’t agree more. Really great movie and just a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

  • J_Aich_B

    Great review Mark! I agree pretty much entirely, though I hope that we’ll see Gwendoline Christie again.

  • TheCyberDoctor

    I went to watch it last night, and its spectacular! I would even say its the best of the lot, its that good. They’ve really done themselves proud! Brilliant review Mark!

  • EvilZygonRabbit

    I was blown away by how good this turned out to be. I mean, it was clearly crafted with the intent of wooing fans of the original trilogy; hence all the callbacks to the first Star Wars film, but it WORKED – really, really well. Plus, they managed to introduce delightful original characters and throw in some surprising twists with the old ones without alienating the audience as a whole. I’m very impressed.