• Ash Kershaw

    Synopsis isn’t 100% accurate. The videogame The Force Unleashed was commissioned officially by LucasArts story-wise, and it was set inbetween III and IV. That counts as on-screen, doesn’t it?

    • Ilyootha

      No, it doesn’t.

  • Sharaz_Jek

    I’m really wondering how this will fit into existing canon and the same goes for the upcoming movies. We’ll probably have to start treating the SW universe like the DW one: decide which not-movie stories are canon, and what isn’t. (If that’s the case, I’ll instantly erase Force Unleashed II from my mind)

    • Ilyootha

      I already did that. Kicked away all the animated series (save for the 2003 Clone Wars), old Marvel comics and similiar junk.

    • lp229

      I think its safe to say that none of the SW games are canon. As for the novels, I do not know what to think. Initially, I thought that they are canon since Lucas himself authorised them and selected authors. Ideas from the novels also have influenced in the films. Coruscant,for example was conceived by Timothy Zahn in his excellent Thrawn trilogy years before it the planet appeared in ‘The Phantom Menace’. More recently, however, Lucas said that he had imagined a different path to the continued story carried on by expanded universe novels. He particularly disliked the idea of Luke Skywalker marrying Mara Jade.

      Part of me hopes that Episode VII will be set in the distant future from ‘Return of the Jedi’ so the excellent contributions by the expanded universe cannot be just dismissed as non-canon. As much as it would be great to see the original cast on screen again, it wouldn’t be the same and due to their age, they will forced into background roles.

  • Ilyootha

    I already banished The Clone Wars from “my” SW canon (although I know that unlike DW, it’s not “allowed” to do that here), and I fear I’ll have to do the same for Rebels and the new trilogy.

    On the other hand, they say Rebels will be produced with less involvement by Lucas, who is believed to be responsible for the most of the discontinuity in TCW. So perhaps with the new series it won’t be as bad as it was with TCW. Time will tell…

    • Sharaz_Jek

      The Clone Wars wasn’t that bad, actually. There are also some good episodes and medium ones

      • Ilyootha

        I agree, there are some great things in it, but I have a negative attitude towards The Clone Wars because of the continuity issues, not the quality of the episodes.

        The creators of the show said that continuity between it and other Expanded Universe works will be taken very seriously. However, The Clone Wars retconned plenty of things and contradicted most of the pre-existing Clone Wars timeline, which throughout the years had been created by books, comics, video games, the 2003 Clone Wars miniseries, and Episode III itself.

        A few examples: Asajj Ventress is now a Dathomirian and has apparently survived (how?!) the duel with Anakin on Yavin IV, Jabba (who apparently killed a baby Hutt in a book!) now has a baby son, spaceships can make hyperspace jumps from the atmosphere (cool! Maybe they can teleport and travel in time as well?), Even Piell’s death occurs before the end of the Clone Wars, etc, etc… The list can go on forever. The makers of Doctor Who don’t take other media seriously, yet the continuity between the show and books, comics and audios in the Whoniverse is much neater and tighter than the continuity between TCW and the rest of the SW universe.

        And yes, some things, like the blasphemous act of reviving Darth Maul, the Geonosian queen who turns people into zombies and (HOW IN THE NAME OF THE FORCE?!) can speak Galactic Basic, the Mortis trilogy or Jar-Jar “funny” scenes, are bad.

        • Yoshfiction

          I agree with everything except for you thinking Darth Mauls return being terrible. It did the character justice in my opinion. The Darth Maul from the movies was pretty terrible in my opinion. There was no point to his character in the Phantom Menace.

  • The Grey Ghost

    Rebel scum!
    Sorry, somebody had to say it.

  • Interesting…

  • Yoshfiction

    I hope this show will have storylines like the later seasons of the Clone Wars, like seasons 3, 4 and 5. I am so done with those kiddy episodes.

  • Joel Mole

    as long as they kill of Jar Jar Binks. I’m happy.