• Joel Mole


  • The Doctor, Islington

    Will Spidey be in them?

    It might be interesting to have films centered on the villains, particularly Venom, but I don’t know if you can work them without him. (He may take on an antagonistic role.)

  • Sharaz_Jek

    So, they’re basically trying to do what Marvel Studios are doing with the Avengers franchise, just using Spider-Man characters? Why can’t Sony just stop making these movies only to keep Marvel from getting the rights back and give us Spider-Man and the Avengers, please?

    • Djornad

      Because money? That’s sort of what the Hollywood movie industry is all about…

      • Sharaz_Jek

        I know; it was just wishful thinking. It’s the same reason X-Men will never go to Marvel either, and we’re going to have 2 Quicksilvers

  • Sharaz_Jek

    Wait, how do they intend to have a Venom movie without first introducing the story in the Amazing Spider-Man universe? And what about the rest of the Sinister 6?