• My reason for them not liking each other much is that sherlock was doing some detective work when he was young and discovered that his father was having an affair and then i mum found out which caused her to break down emotionally and caused their family to break down. When his mum broke down emotionally Mycroft had to look after sherlock which is what i got from the line is the first episode of season 2 ” I’ll be mother” “Now there’s an entire childhood in a nutshell” 
    Well that is my guess

    • Marcelle Kirkland

      Huh, that’s what I thought.

  • Oh yes please I’d love to see more stuff from the past!

  • The expression ‘I’ll be mother’ or ‘who’s going to be mother?’ is a common one when pouring tea, which is what Mycroft is doing when he says the line. It just means, ‘who’s going to pour’, ie, who’s going to take charge. It’s a bit outdated, after all, teapots aren’t as common, so it says a lot about their childhood if that phrase was used a lot, l’d say it meant they had a traditional upbringing, where things were done ‘properly’, ie, teaots, not teabags in cups.