• I hope this show fails.

  • Calebxy

    I think it’s fair to say that in general, BBC makes far better shows than the majority of channels in the USA, if not all. I mean, Doctor Who and Sherlock automatically give it that win, and I hear that Merlin is very good too. 

    • Nathan Tancock

      Merlin is a very good drama, but Doctor Who and Sherlock win hands down!

  • retsnimel

    How Sherlock Holmes can not be English ?

  • Oh dear lord is there nothing sacred America won’t Sh*% on?  

    • As an American, I can say: no. Unfortunately not.

  • wow. just wow. being human and now this?! i’m American, and i’m just as annoyed by this.

  • Anonymous

    Copypaste !!!
    This is so pathetic, isnt it?

    • wouldn’t surprise me…

  • RUBBISH! sorry but, they have so copided the BBC sherlock

  • anymore programmes you want to copy america? oh wait…there’s no more left that you can copy, you’ve done them all.

    • Anonymous

      Oh don’t give them more ideas…. there is still Primeval.. (I think) ;)

      • they’re doing that new order thing for primeval. not copying it exactly but their still not coming up with their own shows instead.

        • Guest

          I’ve never heard of it .

      • And the British anthem, Doctor Who.

      • Calebxy

        No, they are making a version of that too. It’s called New Order. 

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t America have any more original ideas?

  • Anonymous

    OH DEAR GOD! They have no original ideas! I think they have probaly copied every single show in britain! I bet there awful as well. Next Febuary they’ll say: Jump aboard the time space ship which looks like a cops cell phone box and travel through new york with pyhciratrist whom   

    • Anonymous

      It is kind of pathetic coping before mentioned comments(/ideas) !!!
      (I am talking about the physitian who thing)

      • Anonymous

        what the hell are you on about

        • Anonymous

          ”I bet the next show will be about a 900 year old alien that travels through time and space in a phone box and it will be called Physician Who . ” That was a comment i made 4 comments below….and you liked it !

  • TARDISkey123

    This is going to be terrible. 221B Baker Street is one of the main things that make Sherlock famous. It’s just as famous as his character. I think I’ll stick to our Sherlock. No offence but I think they’re just doing this because we have it so they want their take on it. They did the same with The Office and Shameless

    • Calebxy

      They’re making a version of Primeval, too (though I’m actually fine with that, since I don’t think that Primeval was incredible anyway. Well, the first three series I really liked, but I thought that series 4 and 5 were a bit rubbish). I just really hope they don’t do a version of Doctor Who.

      • TARDISkey123

        Really? Although I never really watched Primeval. Never really liked it. But Sherlock and Doctor Who are two of my most favourite shows and if someone makes a reboot where everything is the opposite to its original roots then its just going to be aweful!

  • Cyberman In A Top Hat

    I really want to watch this! I’m not being sarcastic either – I just want to mock and laugh at it.

    • Chris

      Yeah its weird like that I really wanted to see the red dwarf US version and when i did it was funny to watch lister the disgusting guy is now a big musseled guy.

  • Sherlock and Doctor Who are synonymous with the British.  They are British Icons.  The Americans have wanted to do their own version of Doctor Who (if the Doctor Who movie had ever been successful, they would have succeeded then) for years, and until Doctor Who started to air at the same time as over here, I think they would have pressed on with making their own version.

    Sherlock however is even more British than Doctor Who.  People say there is no such thing as English any more.  It is polluted some where down the line, and therefore there is no such thing as a true English person/thing, but that is what Sherlock is.  It is English, and to create their own version of an English show is laughable.

    However, I’m not one to beat it before its down.  I’ll give it a chance, and you never know, despite they will be taking the heart out of it, it might be fun to watch.

  • WHAT THE HELL AMERICA?!?!??! *Explodes furiously*

  • Hannah Crouch

    It’s going to be awful, the whole point of Sherlock is the cold, cynical attitude and Americans don’t really get that. My best bet is that it will be cheesy beyond belief and melodramatic. This is so typical of America, they rarely can come up with an original, good idea.