• Damn it. Sunday, come quicker! Actually, don’t come quicker, cos it’ll all be over! Come quicker!! Don’t! (You get my point. I’m conflicted.)

  • Oh no.
    I’m not ready.
    I’ll die with him.

  • If you’re already asking for a Series 3, then that means it’s possible. Which means Sherlock survives. 

    Ahh!!! Can’t wait for Sunday (Monday where I live) already!

  • Nathan Tancock

    I must admit, I was worried, because Steve Tompson’s script last year was very disapppointing, and looks even worse when it is compared to the quality of the other two. And then he gave Doctor Who the second worst episode of 2011 (after Mark Gattis’ Night Terrors) so I have been panicking slightly. But thank you for setting my mind at rest.

  • Sherlock I wanna die with you. I’m not allowed to watch until Monday evening ‘because it’s too late’!!!’ I’m gonna blow a fuse in a moment!

  • I’m sure the BBC would gladly give us more and sooner but with Moffat, Cumberbatch and Freeman being almost insanely busy I suspect we will be waiting just as long for just as short a run next time too. This really is a case of quality over quantity.

  • Anonymous

    I was worried about Steven Thompson’s writing, since after the average The Blind Banker and the worst episode of Doctor Who in 2011 The Curse of The Black Spot. Maybe the brilliance of Gatiss and Moffat has finally rubbed off to him. And if this episode is of equal greatness to the co-creators scripts then I would most likely redeem him for the abysmal episode he written earlier in the year and hope he would return to Who to prove everyone wrong.