• Calebxy

    Interesting. Veeery interesting. *strokes pretend evil beard*

  • Hands off Sherlock he’s mine! Lol :D

    But it’s looking to be a pretty epic episode. Shame I have to record it and watch it the next morning Coz my mum says I’m not allowed to stay up til 10:30 -_- *Rage*

  • Anonymous

    Sherlock is a great TV series, it totally immerses you into the world without the need of gimmicky 3D glasses or a 3D TV. Sherlock is more 3D than anything aired in the last couple of years. 

    Steven Thompson is writing this. I am not 100% looking forward to this, his previous episode whilst there was nothing wrong with it, it didn’t offer anything new or dynamic than the average crime drama (and I’m not a big fan of crime drama). His Doctor Who episode was weak, it had a decent premise but it ended up like The Doctor’s Daughter. This series finale should have been co-written.