• Timhogan

    Quite exciting news! Though I just hope it’s not going to take as long as series 3 took.

    • In fairness, series 3 took as long as series 2 did. :)

  • 4th Jack

    The long waits don’t benefit the series as much as he may believe. Yes, the wait kept us guessing, and it was definitely exciting. But if you’re going to do that, you have to make the reveal as BIG and as GREAT as possible. Unfortunately, I don’t think The Empty Hearse did that. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed and loved the episode. But it wasn’t as good as Series 2. You could say, it was still fantastic television, but only okay-ish Sherlock.
    So, if you’re going to keep everyone waiting, then make it the best that it can be. Or else it’ll only be an anti-climax. But, maybe I’m being cruel? It’s unfair to criticise shows sometimes. I’m probably being ungrateful, because, yes, it wasn’t as good as past eps, but despite all of this, I know that the entire cast and crew have worked SO hard to give us the best show possible.

  • FutureCompanion001

    So exciting! Ben and Martin have already said in previous interviews that they would like to keep going with the series so…….Bring it on!

  • Joel Mole

    Ugh. Two years. Why Moffatt, why?

    • Sharaz_Jek

      It’s not like the gaps between series are Moffat’s decision. As he says, they need to schedule around Freeman’s and Cumberbatch’s other contracts

      • Joel Mole

        Damn you Hobbit.

  • Gunslinger19

    I presume that martin freeman will have less hobbit now so hopefully more Sherlock?

  • Deus Ex Machina

    Moffat has a very specific language. I began reading his words in my head in my own voice, but by the end I was reading it in Moffat’s. I think the “we’ve got some crackers” was the key bit. That’s so something that he would say.

    Seriously though, I am exited for this. I mean, it’s no surprise. With a guy like Moffat in charge I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d already started planning for the shows 50th anniversary. He seems the kind of guy to always be thinking ahead.