• Ugh… Oh well, it did seem way too good to be true, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman filming Star Trek 2 and The Hobbit. Hopefully it’ll have premiered by this time next year! *fingers crossed*

  • I’m fine with the long break because I know who busy all of these people are (especially Moffat with the 50 anniversary of Who). And obviously they want to turn out the best product for fans by putting as much time and effort in it as possible. I hope Toby Haynes returns to direct the first episode of series 3, with Paul McGuigan doing more work on the series as well. I’m also hoping there may be a few more episodes then the typical 3, perhaps 4 or 5? Moffat claimed on twitter series 3 was ordered when series 2 was, which means they have had more time to plan and write the episodes for series 3. so I’m hoping for a little more then normal. perhaps not, either way I’m happy they show will be back at some point in our life time. (perhaps series 3 will pick up when Sherlock is on his death bed and Watson is in a nursing home. The two elderly chaps will hobble around London solving crimes lol)

    • Oh, old-looking Benedict and Martin? I think watching that would kill me, I’d be LOLLING so hard!

  • TARDISkey123

    Well I dont mind. Till then we still have our theories to ponder on and then when the time comes Im positive we’ll all be satisfied!!

  • Actually after this was released Moffat said it won’t return til 2013 at least…

  • I fell off the chair when they said they’d shot a bit of how he survives. I’m a bit obsessed like that (As in, I check this website at least 5 times a day, I spend a few hours at a time thinking about Sherlock, etc…)  imagine how I will react when anything ACTUALLY happens.

    And I believe Series 3 will air Early 2013, probably.

    • Calebxy

      Only five times a day?

      • He goes on it 5 times a day, 4 hours each time :)

        • Calebxy


        • Yes I do!
          And I’m an it, not a male or a female (But the servant human typing this is female)

          • DavidTennantIsEpic

            MORIARTY!!!!! I knew you weren’t dead!!! (Little reference from when he uses hostages to talk to Sherlock in series 1 episode 3 there….)

      • AT LEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually a few trillion, but when I’m ill/stuck with evil projects/writing 1000000+ scripts I only have time for that amount.