• Lestrade… your hair! John… what is that on your face?

    Sherlock, come back soon…

    • TheDarkLordDeep™

      That was my exact reaction to this.

    • loopylucy

      Lestrades hair found its way onto johns lip

  • That was… underwhelming. And also baffling – John has a mighty moustache!

    • The Administrator is Merlin

      Glad it wasn’t just me. After the trailer finished I just went “is that it?”

  • Who Fan No.565

    The game, my fellow fans, is on!

    • Tony Turtle

      Surely you mean “The game, my fellow fans, is afoot!”

  • The Rani

    Watson’s got a tasche :O Sherlock please make him get rid of it! lol

  • The Rani

    Does anyone know when it will be aired? Or have I missed something? lol

    • K.9

      the rani should be on the ball with things like this

      • The Rani

        lol :p Tell me about it.

  • Can’t wait for Sherlock’s return. Amazing show written perfectly by Moffat and Gatiss. Still another thing I can’t wait for: How the blooming hell Sherlock survived his fall???

  • NotQuiteATimeLord

    I would be disappointed by the length of that but after approximately no 50th trailer for doctor who we can at least thank the Moff for this

  • DoctorPotterHolmes

    He probably survived the same way he did in the book, falling, clinging on to a ledge where Watson could not see him, falling the rest of the short distance with fake blood or something?

    • DoctorPotterHolmes

      I mean, he cold not of got an “Already dead” body, I mean really? Hangong, like in Vertigo?

  • Tony Turtle

    So, we get “Sherlock, coming soon” to be spewed out time after time without “Sherlock, to be shown on…” for months. Don’t give us teasers, give us the programme!

    • The Rani is 12th

      Here here!