No airdate?

    • The Doctor, Islington

      The fact that we’re getting more info is nonetheless promising, though.

    • lp229

      I reckon it will be no later than this month.

      • TARDIS44

        Rumours suggest 1st January

        • The Administrator

          I’ve heard mumblings of either Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day. But I think they’re a little unlikely, even if it would be amazing.

        • lp229

          It may be that the information is out of date, but I thought the BBC announced that we would be seeing S3 before Christmas. Again. that was some time ago, though.

  • Who Fan No 565

    Great! Now all we need is an airdate and I’ll be one happy guy! :)

  • Christopher Chant

    Sounds promising. =)

  • Handbot10

    huuuuuuuuuh! dun duun duuuuun!