• TheEmissary

    An excellent title. I certainly can’t wait for Series 3 now.

    I’ve only seen The Blind Banker so far, so I have some catching-up to do.

    • TARDIS44

      You need to lock yourself in a room and watch it non-stop.

      Go! NOW!!


        That is pretty much what I did one Sunday back rift after series 2 ended. Watched all of them non stop (taking bathroom and food breaks) and finished by dinnertime.

  • Who Fan No.565


  • TheDarkLordDeep™

    I love his episode title was secretly revealed in the subtitles for the series two re-run currently airing :P

  • WouldYouLikeAJellyBaby?

    So I remember watching the first two seasons in very quick succession when I broke my wrist, and I was heartbroken that I had to wait to see more of Benedict and Martin together as Sherlock and John. This gets me very, very excited. All three episode titles are great!

  • iliketrains

    CANT CANT CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!