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Sherlock: Series 3 Filming Soon

Benedict-Cumberbatch-Martin-Freeman-sherlock-series-3-readthroughSeries 3 of Sherlock will begin filming a week from today on Monday 18 March 2013.

The first episode to be shot will be Mark Gatiss’ opener, a story loosely based on Doyle’s The Adventure of the Empty House.

The script readthrough took place earlier today with the BBC tweeting the attached pic of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. They also promised “plenty of surprises in store for series three.”

Gatiss’ opener will be directed by Jeremy Lovering. Lovering is new to the show and replaces Paul McGuigan, who was unable to return this year due to film commitments.

McGuigan said: “Sherlock has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my working life as a director but now I have a movie to make.”

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  • Peripherus


  • ThePowerofSherlock

    Hilarious picture XD

  • Katherine Ledson

    Best ever photo.

  • TheGallifreyanBuccaneer

    WAHAY!!! It’s about time, I’m suffering Sherlock withdrawl symptoms.

  • TARDISkey123


  • MartinB1999

    Does anyone have an E.T.A on Series 3? Next year?

  • ThePowerofTheDoctor

    Well today’s the day they begin filming :-D Here’s hoping we might get filming pictures? :-)

  • Aislin

    *stares at the picture* God, I love these blokes!

    I’m so excited. Yay!


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