• wow, i’m expecting the falling to be sherlock falling in love arleen adler or whatever her name is.

  • a Christmas special WOULDN’T have been great? Why not? I would have loved a Sherlock Christmas Special.

    • It does say a christmas special would have been great.

  • Anonymous

    Is this run by the same people as doctorwhotv?

  • Jack_97

    Sherlock is going to get boring after series 2 I think.

    • What makes you think that?

      • Well i actually agree. I think there’s a limit to how many good stories you can do with a crime show, without it getting boring or repetitive.

    • Heather

      It will if he falls in love. That will kill the character I think; everything that endeared us to him in s1..

  • Seeing this made me want to check the websites that were made for Sherlock so I went to Sherlock’s first and there wasn’t much there except “theimprobableone” saying they solved the hidden message, then asking where they are. On John Watson’s blog there was a bit more. You can see what I’m talking about if you go to this blog post on his website. in the comments you can see the order of events, and the comment date’s are surpassing the final events of episode 3 (which never happened on the website. it would never go past the episode). There are two noteworthy comment. One, (posted by Molly) saying that Jim (Moriarty) has gone missing .The 2nd is that the events of episode 3 where on the 31st of March and by April 6 Sarah said if she didn’t hear from them that night she’s going to phone the police.

    Now this leads to a few question about how series 2 is going to start off at. Right at the end of events in episode 3 or sometime after and fill you in through dialogue/flashbacks. Also what then happened to Holmes and Watson? They have to survive because they’re the main character but why are they not answering there phones? do you think Moriarty has taken Holmes and Watson hostage and keeping them somewhere to torture? OR what about they got away but just (perhaps one got shot in the leg) and are in hiding from Moriarty? What do you guys think?

  • Spaceman

    Apart from The Hound of The Baskervilles….
    There was Toby.
    A tracker dog used in a Jeremy Brett episode The Sign Of Four
    (as well as the Disney animated film Basil The Great Mouse Detective)
    ““I would rather have Toby’s help than that of the whole detective force of London,” he says of one particular dog in The Sign of the Four. “

  • umbuby@tardis.net

    Pease, tell me Irene’s gonna be a love interest. I think she’s make an amazing modern day character!!!

  • Meg

    ugh I hope its not a crazy love interest. This is the only good show that is not all about ROMANCE. complete rubbish if you ask me.

  • morse

    I hope there will be 5 episodes next year for a third series spread out a bit example every two weeks during September and october and an eposode over christmas new year.

  • Please Give me the exact release date of season 2 :) thanks.

  • Please Give me the exact release date of season 2 :) thanks.

  • Punning words hahahahh!