• cool, but i knew they would do the hound of baskervilels

    • Eddie

      Moffat hinted. Now we know for sure.

  • Can’t wait for S2.

    • But the big qustion is when will S2 start.

      • Kenny

        This Autumn.

  • Can’t wait! I’m so glad they’re turning Scandal of Bohemia into a bit of romance. But dodn’t Shelock die at the end of ‘The Final Problem’?

    • Yes he did. He fell over a waterfall with Moriarty. The conan Doyle received such a backlash, he was forced to bring him back, which is then chronicled as The Return of Sherlock Holmes…

      • Heather

        I bet the waterfall will be referenced in some fantastic up to date way, I don’t imagine Holmes will actually fall down down a waterfall.

        Didn’t people where black arm bands and send CD death threats?

        • Yes. Conan Doyle had to bring Holmes back as fans were livid at him been killed off!

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooo not a ROMANCE *wretch*

    • Heather

      I know, I really REALLY hope there isn’t a romance. He’s married to his work! Plus I like the idea of an asexual hero, and one who is mostly unfeeling apart from small glimmers of kindness and affection (I’m not saying that goes hand in hand with asexuality of course). He’s a good man, but that doesn’t mean he’s particularly pleasant or warm – which is refreshing. For him to have a girlfriend (or boyfriend, whichever way they go) or to be in love is just too… normal I guess. And it will distract from the cases I think.

      • That was the thing with Holmes, he didn’t REALLY have a love interest, he always seemed to cross-paths with woman he USED to be involved with

        • Heather

          That’s interesting, I have only read a few short stories and seen some of the Jeremy Brett TV series – I thought it was never mentioned that he had been involved with or interested in anyone in that way. Still, the fact he didn’t have a current love interest in the original stories is an important part of the character I think, otherwise it could go too Robert Downey Jr.

          • Holmes only “love interest” was Irene Adler, he did take interest in some of his female clients too ;)

  • 9oh7

    CumberSherly being in love wouldn’t work. Benedict is an amazing actor, no doubt, but it’s more to do with the character. Sherlock wouldn’t fall in love; he respected Irene Adler, yes, but that’s because she was the only woman to ever outsmart him.
    I’m really concerned about this, especially since Moffat is the one writing it. I expected him to understand better.
    although when he says twisted love story, he might be referring to Irene blackmailing her husband…