• Gaz

    Hurry up Autumn!

  • Gaz

    Hurry up Autumn!

  • MichaelBishop

    Hmm, hounds, plural. So there’s multiple is this version.

  • Lestrade

    I cant wait for Hounds! My most anticipated episode of the 3.

    • awesker

      Yeah I can’t wait for the Moriarty face off in episode 3 as well.

  • Eddie

    why do they only make 3? 

    • CJ

      Because Steven Moffat is too busy on Doctor Who probably. Although he could obviously farm out to another writers.

  • Ettelocin

     REALLY looking forward to the whole series!

  • Jammie

    I’ve never watched Sherlock, it looks good though… worth watching? 

    • AndyB

      Totally. If you like Doctor Who, you’ll probably like Sherlock.

      • Jammie

        Ok thanks ;D

    • you bet!! 

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know who will be playing Irene Adler in Bohemia? There isn’t an imdb page up yet.

  • awesome can’t wait! 

  • oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh my gosh! i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exited! I’ve been checking on here DAILY for updates on this! I CAN NOT WAIT! 

  • Abdurrachman Saleh

    hey, does anyone know where could i find the episode 1 ?
    i heard u all talkin bout episode 3 but i couldn’t even found episode 1 yet in any site..