• Harry Jewell

    The Sign of Three? Now the title will depend on what the episode is based off.
    But I think that title is great, sign of three.Sherlock, John and another person of some sort? It would make up the three…

    • TARDIS44

      John’s missus, linking in to the “wedding” teaser word…

      • Harry Jewell

        Oh yeah…so it could be Sherlock, and who else?

        • TARDIS44

          John. And his missus.

          • Harry Jewell

            Oh yes, but would John’s misuses trust Sherlock completely after he sort of trick John?

          • TARDIS44

            Does anyone trust Sherlock completely?

          • Harry Jewell

            Probably not as he toyed with their emotions when he faked his death.

          • John.

  • I have never watched an episode of Sherlock. I didn’t know about the first series so I didn’t bother watching Series 2 and 3 but today I have ordered the box set! Everyone has said that it’s good and it looks awesome! Cant wait to watch it!

    • You’ll love it. It’s amazing :-D

    • Peripherus

      It is easily some of the best television ever produced! That is a fact.

    • This show is definitely one of the best on TV today. It’s got some of the best writing, a fantastic cast and the way the episodes are produced is just brilliant. I bought the series 1 and 2 box set as soon as it released. Trust me, you’re going to fall in love with the show! Garanteed.

    • I finally got the Series 1 and 2 Box-Set today

      I’ going to treat it like a new programme, and watch an episode a week.

      I’m going to watch ‘A Study in Pink’ later today!

  • Oooooh interesting…

  • TardisBoy

    For those who are wondering “The Sign of Three” gets its title from the Sherlock story “The Sign of Four” and interestingly, in this story John Watson meets his future wife Mary!!!! :D

    • theDAB

      Ah. Interesting…

      This is a test for DWTV. Kindly ignore.

      • theDAB

        And another test.

  • twoheartsonemind

    YES! The Sign of Three? Sounds like a The Sign of Four adaption!

  • Sounds like a play on Doctor Who’s The Power of Three and also Sherlock Holmes’ very The Sign of Four. I really can’t wait for series 3. The gap has felt so long. I can’t wait until the official trailer!

  • John Smith

    Can’t contain my excitement about this series of Sherlock. Just how did he survive that fall? That’s the question everyone wants answered.

  • Steven Moffat will be writing the finale this year, although the title is still under wraps.

    Of course it is. It’s Moffat…. :-P

  • theDAB

    Test 1234.


  • Ice Warriory

    Can’t Wait, Sherlock and Doctor Who are the best.

    • Doctor50thWhoSherlock

      I agree!

  • Beatrice

    “The Sign of Three”? Which would make the plot based on “The Sign of Four” (probably). YAY! MY FAVOURITE NOVEL *-*