• Trust me, as a Whovian, I’d be thrilled to have him on Doctor Who turf. Bring it on!

    •  True, and I doubt it would be as bizzare as Lestrade coming up in an episode

      • JimMoriarty

        Oh yeah, Lestrade, forgot about him!! He’ll be cool anyway :D

  • TheSoundofDrums

    I do hope Moriarty does come back because he’s a brillaint character and Andrew Scott plays him perfectly. I do want to see new villains and I don’t mind if Moriarty doesn’t return for the next series, nor do I mind if he becomes a reoccuring villian rather than a main like he has been. But I don’t want him to remain dead. He’s too good of a character to dispose off after two series. He’s Sherlock’s nemesis after all and should return in the future. Besides, think how fun it will be to find out he also cheated his death and now he’s angry to discover Sherlock escaped his game.

    As for Andrew Scott appearing in Doctor Who, I have no objections. I would love for him to appear. I reckon he would make a good villain to battle against the Doctor.

    • JimMoriarty

      Or a good ally for the doctor?

      • TheSoundofBane

        I never thought of that. That is a great idea.

        •  I personally think he would make a great regeneration of the Master…Just sayin!

  • JimMoriarty

    I would be thrilled to see Moriarty return, but of course, I see their valid points in this, and I think their reasons are a lot more valid here :)


    How about in flashbacks on occasion? Like when he kidnapped John before the pool? Or dated Molly? Or his interactions with Irene Adler or Mycroft? There are lots of possibilities.  It might be interesting to see a few of them…  He was a fantastic villian.

    • SuperCalebxy

      That’s a good idea!

    • JimMoriarty

      That is just BRILLIANT. Maybe if he comes back in a dream/nightmare :)

  • Either (a) Moriarty could be a society – not a man or (b) Moriarty has a TWIN Brother! (cue dramatic music)

  • Jneill

    I think they should leave Moriarty for Series 3 and then if they do a 4th series (in 2015 or 2016) they should bring him back in ep3 as a suprise.

  • JimMoriarty

    Just read in an interview, unless I misread, that Andrew Scott knows about whats happened to Moriarty, and Sherlock. I think he also knows how Sherlock survived. Miiiiiiiiiiiind prooooooooobe time

  • TARDISkey123

    Well, Lestrade is going to be in Series 7 of Doctor Who, why not Moriarty?

  • TheWho-vian

    If Moriarty does make a return then I hope it’s in series 4 as it will have a bigger impact then. But if Moffat manages to get agood villains that can challenge Holmes then I don’t really care if Moriarty returns or not.