• ClassicWhovian

    Best episode two yet!

    • The Oncoming Hurricane


    • Who Fan No 565

      I agree!

  • The War Braden

    Started out a little rocky, but loved it by the end, especially that cameo, always wanted to see drunk Sherlock.

  • The Administrator

    Brilliant. I loved it.

  • Ilidia Manuela Da Silva

    Sorry, I think the ending of this episode is bad. We learn that Mary is… Well I won’t reveal it. It’s disappointing

  • Ilidia Manuela Da Silva

    I’m bitterly disappointed. I hope that the last episode will be better

  • TheOncomingFish

    I found that a little disappointing if I’m being honest… I was bored for the first hour, it only really picked up in the last half hour when the murder mystery happened. Yes, it was funny, yes, Sherlock and Watson drunk was hilarious, and yes, there were some touching moments, but I needed more mystery. The funny section of the episode went on for too long IMO. It’s a shame, because the last half hour was brilliant, and it was clever how it all tied together at the end.


    • Ilidia Manuela Da Silva

      I agree

    • River

      Yup. I hope the show goes back to being ‘Sherlock’ and not a sitcom (be it a very good sitcom).

    • 4th Jack

      I enjoyed it, but at times you could just tell when Moffat was writing. I like Moffat, but sometimes his writing tries to be funny, but never is. You could just see 11th The Doctor’s character seeping through Sherlock, especially when he was looking for the target in the wedding reception.
      The comedy, again, needs to be quicker. Series 2 had quicker, wittier comedy. Some scenes were slow paced. The comedy just didn’t work. It’s either the writing or the acting. Hear me out. I think both BC and MF are terrific actors. But for some reason not all their comedy works in this series. It’s just too slow. A perfect example would be when they’re sitting on the bench, watching the guards. It was just soooo slow and lacked the traditional humour the past series have had. You could even blame this on the new directors. Sherlock is a vibrant, energetic, quick show. This episode had none of that. Oh, wait, it did in the courtroom- type scene with all the internet people. That was GREAT, I loved that bit. That was proper Sherlock.
      Overall, I LOVED this episode. Everything was great. The acting, the writing, the directing was all great. But it wasn’t perfect. I hope the next episode (His Last Vow) goes back to the traditional solving murders plot. That’s what this series has lacked.

  • i’vegotkidneys

    i enjoyed it not the best sherlock episode probably the worst but still very enjoyable and funny i’d give it an 8/10

  • Calebxy

    I really enjoyed it, though I thought that remark about God was highly unnecessary and offensive.

    • sarahhaley

      Although that remark made sense in the speech and hopefully became less offensive once the antithesis was revealed. He insulted religion, a woman’s beauty, and happiness, only to turn it around and say ‘this is why I’m an idiot — all of this is not actually what I perceive it to be’. He uses his views to make a point about how unrelatable he is, to show that he is narrow-minded and sometimes very wrong. In my opinion, the line was offensive the moment it was said, but the way he used it to reveal an error in himself was forgivable.

      • 4th Jack

        Yeah, I agree with Sarahhaley. It depends on the context in which it was said. If John were to say it, for example, then I think it’d be more offensive.

    • Greg Chipman

      Truth hurts.

      • Calebxy

        Now that’s seriously out of line. You may not believe in God, but you don’t get to state your beliefs as facts.

  • It was… interesting. I think a lot of the core fan group are going to be a little put out that there’s more focus on Sherlock the person and less on Sherlock the sleuth (although I beautifully enjoyed the moment inside Sherlock’s mind as he brings the two together, realising the danger at the wedding) but if the show had remained static in it’s style it would have struggled to move forward in direction. Will this episode make next week have far more emotional impact? It’s very hard to judge whether this episode is truly brilliant without that context, but I certainly found it an enjoyable romp of a Sherlock episode. I have found this change in thematics quite refreshing so far.

    That is one of the things that makes Sherlock so barnstormingly addictive though, while each episode certainly can stand alone high and proud they each contribute to each others’ overall thematics brilliantly.So there’s reward for the arc and for the episode, something Moffat (and to a degree Gatiss) have never quite got perfect with Doctor Who

    • River

      Very good points.

  • sontaran17

    5/5 – I loved it!!! Real joy to watch

  • Brilliant. It’s a key point in the whole series so it had to be done, and it was done beautifully. The directing was very unique (in a good way), the acting was actually the best I’ve seen yet (which is impressive given who the actors are!), the plot was genius and the bits between Sherlock and John were hilarious. The ending and the speech were also quite emotional, and that’s not something I normally say!


  • DalekOswin

    5/5, very funny and I loved how all the flashbacks came together for the conclusion. Also Drunk!Sherlock was freaking hillarious :)

  • A_Persom


    Excellent! One of the best episodes yet! Nice little stories all strung together at the wedding to create an ultimately inguiging case topped by some really substantial character devolpment with a side of quick editing and creative cinamatography. I really loved the sequences in Sherlock’s mind especially when Mycroft loomed above him as if haunting and judging him.

  • DoctorPotterHolmes007

    One word…. FANTASIC!

    • Doctor_and_Tardis_Everywhere

      Fantastically Boring

  • TARDIS44

    Superb. Easily my favourite ever episode of Sherlock, and the best story ever put on screen.
    Pre-title sequence was fantastic, all the stories woven together were mesmerising, and the speech was beautiful.
    Utterly incredible.

  • FutureCompanion001

    I found it very entertaining , very funny and interesting visually . I’ve read other reviews online and they don’t like the fact that sherlocks showing a more human side and say it’s gotten boring. But what they don’t take into account is that sherlocks realised that he’s hurt john and has found that he needs to feel in order to understand people. Plus it’s part of his character development. I think they did a marvellous job with this episode. Great job!

    • David Havers

      It was a load of rubbish the only good bit in the episode was when it ended.

  • David Havers

    3 out of 10 the worst episode of Sherlock. I was glad when it ended, was bored halfway through the episode, I just hope the last episode is a good one.

    • Doctor_and_Tardis_Everywhere

      I Think the same, almost fell asleep, only the last part was awesome, the rest was rubbish

  • The Half Face

    To me it was enjoyable, we got to see more character development
    However, as a Sherlock regular episode, it was weak
    I believe this is just a setting to the big finale, which appears to be a traditional episode (and because of Moff, it will most likely be a true feel-storm)

  • dalekjack

    Surprisingly my favourite episode of Sherlock. I honestly wasn’t anticipating that the episode would be good, but I loved it. The wedding speech was quite emotional, and the case(s) was fantastic. Great episode from start to finish. The stag night, the speech, the case, the speech, everything.

  • doctorforpresident

    one of my top three sherlock episodes to date

  • TheFirstMaster

    Loving how 95% of us have Doctor Who names/pics.

    • Calebxy

      That’s because this is Doctor Who TV’s sister site, so most of us are from Doctor Who TV.

  • Dawn Harvey

    I thought it was fantastic 5/5 BC was amazing learning all those lines how do they do it. !