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Sherlock: Pulver Wants Adler Return

sherlock-202-adler-nudeLara Pulver has once again been speaking about the possibility of reprising her role as Irene Adler in Sherlock.

Pulver told Access Hollywood she would be very happy to come back the the show.

“Absolutely… if the potential is there for the character to return,” she said.

“She is alive. He did save her. Then, it would be an absolute pleasure to return.”

“The response has been quite enormous to be honest,” she added.

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  • TardisBoy™

    I would love to see her return to Sherlock! She was brilliant in “A Scandal in Belgravia”. Laura Pulver is a magnificent actress! :)

  • Nitenel


  • Castrovalva

    I do believe the character of Irene Adler appears only once in the original Doyle canon, in the Scandal in Bohemia story, but I would not be adverse at all to having the witty and intriguing Adler continue in Sherlock. Mind you at the moment I just want another 3 episodes. C’mon Gattis and Moffatt!

  • TARDISkey123

    Definitely yes! I’d love to see a return from her as there’s so much more potential left.


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