• Indeed, I reckon it will be Watson’s wedding

    Also, doesn’t the invitation prove that Sherlock is revealed to be ‘not dead’ to the public in the first episode? You don’t normally just see an invitation for a dead man sitting at a reserved table, do you? O.o

    • I think you may be right! :)

    • That Awkward Silent

      It may be like Amy and Rory did in Doctor Who, setting a place for him at the table for Christmas Dinner. And I’m pretty sure Watson was wanting to believe Sherlock was alive so Watson may be setting the place just because he believes Sherlock will turn up. Of course, Sherlock may be revealed to be alive to the public and this may turn Watson against Holmes as he was lied too. It would be a good scene of them burying the hatchet if Holmes receives an invitation on the day of the wedding near the end of the episode.

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    99.9999999% sure that it’s Watson. This is going to be interesting.

  • I’m extremely sure it’ll be Watson getting married as Moffat has said that they will be showing the times when he doesn’t live together with Sherlock.

  • Since I have read the original Sherlock Holmes novels this news fills me with happiness, but also sadness with the possibility of where this could be going :'(

    Those who know the original story of Mary and John Watson will know what I’m on about :””'(

    • She died in the novel

      • TARDIS44

        Yes, thank you for the spoiler for those of us who have never read it

        • Guest

          soory :(

          • DoctorWho50thSherlock!!

            Alright, just delete the comment before anyone else reads it ;)

        • Sorry

      • Ice Warriory

        Say Spoiler Alert before you say something like that.

        • DoctorWho50thSherlock!!


  • Oh no, too quickly this is happening, I think. :(

  • Wibbly-Wobbly Strawberry-Jelly

    It’s most likely Watson and well.

    This is Sherlock … it may not be….

    But it totally is… right?

  • Nick Ferrazza

    Since all evidence points to it being Watson’s wedding, it’s obviously going to be the wedding of any other character but him.