• Calebxy

    I don’t think he should return. It would be almost impossible to come up with a better battle between him and Sherlock, so I think that they should just leave it as it is.

  • CGren123

    Moriarty should stay dead. If he were to return, it would rob “the Reichenbach Fall” of a truly brilliant ending. Like the man said, there are plenty of other Sherlock Holmes villains for him to come up against.

  • Nathan Tancock

    Although I think Moriarty was one of the greatest TV villains I’ve ever seen, I must agree with Moffat. His death in “The Reichenbach Fall” was a huge and unexpected twist, and his resurrection would ruin the drama of that final scene.

  • Dianna W

    I think he shouldn’t return…
    I mean he truly is the most cute bad guy, and I love to see more of him, but it wouldn’t do the series any good if the same people keep on coming back.
    I think it would make ‘Sherlock’ predictable, and far less interesting.

  • SilurianGod23

    I completly agree with Steven Moffat here. While Moriarty is an extremly intriging and quite funny villian the show has to move on or people are going to get bored.  

  • TheGoldBowtie

    Bring him back, and you cancel out one of the best ever showdowns of villains :3

  • I think he should come back in the same style as in THOB (i.e hallucination) but not properly because that would completely ruin the showdown in TRF.

  • I never thought he died in the first place … of course he should come back

  • Of course, it would ruin “The Reichenbach Fall”. Moriarty is dead, in a very splendid and unexpected way, we’d better leave him where he is. Otherwise it would contradict Conan Doyle’s works and destroy all the good Moffat and Gatiss have done so far. 

  • They should maybe have someone try to act like Moriarty, or leave a note to Sherlock, that was written by Moriarty maybe before his suicide, just to annoy him.  Keep Moriarty living on, without actually bringing him back.  Obviously flashbacks, hallucinations, nightmares can involve the actor, but he should not fully be brought back.  It will kill off the magic of the show

  • I think Moriarty’s story in Sherlock is over…. but not his story in the Evil Alliance of Doctor Who TV!!!!!!!!

    • Moriarty

      Does Andrew Scott count as Moriarty? :3

      •  YEAAAAAAH! (Breaking 4th wall in sherlock)

        • JimMoriarty

          Sent that message two days ago XD I changed by then. *New post, ha ha, I’m back, here to finish my little problem with dear Sherlock

  • Larry067

    I have an idea, which would keep Moriarty, but have a new villian every now and again. I think that Jim should be just a sort of bodyguard or a face for the real Moriarty, (who is an old professor like in the books) but we never actually see the real one. Moriarty’s face can be replaced everytime he dies, and so there’ll always be a consulting criminal out there. Basically, what I’m saying is that they should definitely don’t bring back Jim Moriarty, but another face for Moriarty??? :/

    I’m actually half against this idea now, cos the more I think about it, the worse it gets, but I’m just throwing it out there, and if someone expands on this and polishes it to make it a better idea, then you’re welcome.

  • Kennta

    I would most deffinitly want to see Moriarty return! he was an amazing character (and actor) and i would have liked to explore his character more! we never really got much of a look into his dealings and life (or a spin-off would be brilliant!) i would love to see the addition of Sebastian Moran (Moriartys John Watson) maybe have him the new threat. but i really think it would throw everyone off if it at least hinted or maybe at the end of the upcoming series, showed Moriarty as somehow having lived, because the problem is, everyone expects him to be dead, and i would truly miss him, after all, no one can match up to the most dangerous criminal mind. nothing would pose a true challenge the same way. and we never seen Moriarty with his sniper Moran, which i would enjoy seeing the interaction between the two!

    • DavidTennantIsEpic

      His SNIPER? Do you realise what you’ve just pointed out????? His SNIPER! His MEN would kill Sherlock’s friends, and guess who was gonna shoot John Watson. We could well have seen Sebastian Moran in that episode, the guy with the sniper about to shoot John

  • alex_494

    If he doesn’t come back, perhaps his legacy should come back to bite Sherlock at some point. Perhaps people doing deals with Moriarty suddenly lose everything upon his death, and come to Sherlock for revenge.

  • DavidTennantIsEpic

    He is one of the best villains in any tv show ever though :P


  • Jim Moriarty is one of the best villains of all time! Please let Moriarty return! I will die otherwise.. :'(

  • Hi! (Sorry for my bad english… I will be more studious, I promise! :D)

    I think Moffat is right, but I love Moriarty(Andrew) so much!

     I read the comments & agree with you guys ,and the “new villains,
    new ideas” would be a good idea. But I will be missing Moriarty, of

    (By the way, greetings from Hungary! :-) )

  • alex_494

    Moriarty should either come back in Series 4 at the absolute minimum, or should remain dead but his presence is still felt; i.e. he set up a lot of crimes yet to be executed or somebody takes it upon themselves to avenge him or take up his mantle.

  • Stijn Hommes

    If Moriarty’s gun fired a blank, it would still have blown his brains out. Blanks are every bit as dangerous as real bullets at close range.