• JimMoriarty

    Its gonna leave us hanging AGAIN???? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I’m not complaining though :3


  • anna irizarry

    well at least we’ve being given fair warning about a puzzler of an ending…..i think its something i’ve come to expect from the troll that is Moffat ……. still filming for Series 3 doesn’t start till January 2013 0-o and i don’t know if knowing the actual date makes the wait more painful lol!

  • TheSoundofDrums

    Moffat and Gatiis…..You pair of geniuses. Always thinking one step ahead in order to surprise, shock and entertain us. I do believe they will deliver with Sherlock’s fake death and I believe Series 3 will top Series 2, just as Series 2 topped Series 1. I can’t wait for it. The next year is going to be brilliant for me. Series 7 and the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who along with Series 3 of Sherlock. Bring on the climax Moffat and Gatiss. I’m ready to be blown out of my mind with shock and suspense.

  •  Making us wait more than a year is an evil not even Moriarty would comtemplate!

  • Nick Ferrazza

    Moffat probably has the ending for series 10 planned already. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  • TARDISkey123

    Ths is why I love Sherlock so much! It’s amazingly clever how they put together such complex investigations and scenes and once they’re solved we’re left like “Oh, of course” or the complete opposite “WHAT? I would never have guessed that in a million years but the solution is point blank infront of me”. At the same time it’s witty, funny and heartbreaking. I bet we’ve all been over thinking Sherlock faking his death like we all over thought the ending to S01E03. CANT WAIT for series 3!