• Pokedalek42

    Watson is female? It happens in New York? This doesn’t sound anything like Sherlock Holmes. They might as well change the names and pretend it was just inspired by Conan Doyle’s books. I’d be surprised if this was any good.

    • America has already done shows that are inspired by Conan Doyle and ‘Holmes’ such as House, The Mentalist and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  They feel the need to now, actually do a show that could end up being the same.

      However, I am reserving judgement still.  I was always taught to never judge a book by its cover (despite it is really annoying that they are copying Sherlock), so I’m waiting for the show to come out so I can watch it

  • bluebox444

    I’m reserving judgment about this. The pressure to make Elementary into something original may wind up turning it into a decent show. Or, the whole thing might be a total flop. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Series7

    Urgh! This is ridiculous! America always tries to take over great British shows….. just look at Life On Mars :( 

    • Platypus With a Fez

       And Being Human.

  • Americans need to stop stealing British shows and dumbing them down for the more dense American audience.


    American HOLLYWOOD is dumb.  Not all Americans are.  Let’s keep that straight.  That said, I too think it is a stupid idea to try to make an American version of the BBC’s “Sherlock.”  I love the BBC’s! Why is it neccessary to take something so very British and make it American?? You don’t see British versions of Huck Finn! Or Superman! Let it be a British story like it is supposed to and let us enjoy it in that context.  I don’t understand why they even felt this should be done…

    • CybermanFan

      In fairness there was an English version of Superman written by John Cleese. But it WAS kinda tongue-in-cheek.