• It’s a shame Sherlock didn’t make best drama this year but there’s always a chance of winning one of the other categories ^_^

    • Apparently they updated the rules for the nominations in that category this year, there has to be at least 5 episodes in the series for a show to qualify for Best Drama…and Sherlock only has 3 :( talk about unfair…

      • Louise, Moffat and Amanda (Martin’s wife) were talking about it on Twitter. Not enough eps for best drama and not shortlisted for best mini-series thing

      • Calebxy


      • lp229

        Seems very unfair when the episode length of a series can vary. Sherlock could have been written in 9 30 min episodes but instead the writers decided to condense them in 3 1:30, still the same drama at the end of the day. 

  • Calebxy

    Sherlock will win. Everything. 

    • Cat In A Straw Hat

      And then some.

    • Oh, God yes.

      But I’m shocked Doctor who didn’t get any nominations. And if Benedict and Martin/Andrew don’t win, don’t count me out of killing someone.

    • Stormegeddon, Dark Lord of All

      Since DW isn’t on the list definitively what I’ll vote for

  • Because Doctor Who isn’t on the list (I don’t know why) I’ll be voting for Sherlock

  • lp229

    There are some good nominations here. I think Merlin is overdue for a an award so I was kind of hoping that would be on the list. I suspect Sherlock will win and rightfully so, but part of me wants to see the Fades win a category so that BBC will realize what a mistake they have made by axing the show. 

  • snowcat60

    Where is *Merlin*?  :(