• RyanMontyGeronimo

    Can’t wait for the new series, I really hope Moffat does a full series of this when he leaves Doctor Who!

  • Heather

    I doubt there will be a romance, as I have trust in this adaptation to stay truer to the books than that.. But “twisted love story” suggests there might be. I wish there hadn’t been hints at Sherlock “falling in love” as I’m now completely against it before we’ve seen anything of Adler or series 2. Which isn’t fair really – it might work… (it won’t).

    • TARDIS

      It might work…. (It won’t)


  • sherlockfan

    I wonder if she is still gonna be American like in the books? or British?

  • alex_494

    Falling over a precipice? Clever :P


    I forgot what Precicpice meant. Had to google it. Sad.