• mark27b

    Enjoyable but a bit repetitive.

    Another second Moffat minisode that starts with characters in red robes as with the recent Sisterhood of Karn in the Doctor Who The Night of the Doctor minisode that he also wrote.

    Another second Moffat two way conversation via DVD as with the Doctor Who Blink episode that he also wrote.

    Still good to see Sherlock, John and Lestrade again though.

    • Sharaz_Jek

      Well, the buddist monk adventure is obviously a reference to the time Holmes said to have spent with the Dalai Llama in Empty house, so I don’t think it’s really that repetitive. The “conversation” via DVD was very blink-esque, I have to agree, but then, that was 6 years ago

    • Not repetitive. Just a couple little easter eggs for the fans. :)

  • David Havers

    Not bothered by this sounds rather boring to me just like the show itself Sherlock is an overrated show that comes around every two years.

    • A_Persom

      Why are you commenting here then?

    • doctorwhofan1

      Boring? I suggest you watch the first series and see the performances of benedict and martin cos they put in some of the best performances and very well written episodes! i get its your opinion though

    • Okay guys, it’s just en opinion.

      But it’s the wrong opinion.